Stupid, but fun objectives

We started a little challenge at work this week. What is the lowest score you can get when entering Battle Royal on Spiderman.

It is really hard to turn off habits like hero and web. There is an interesting risk reward between being in multiball vs accidentally hitting jackpots. I am actually finding it fun, and forces me to play very differently.

Anyone got other unusual objectives?


I once started LITZ doing nothing but three-way combos. I’ve also done it with nothing but slot machines.

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I swear I saw @timballs start it with like 70 million or something stupid low like that during PPO qualifying. @zEn was the one who pointed it out to me I think.

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No Flip. Definitely more suited for certain EM’s (think Target Pool and similar layouts) than for anything solid-state or later.

Almost every tournament does this. Saves time and levels the playing field of no one plays EBs.

Had a side tourney on Joker Poker at my house called “easy aces”. Only count the number of times the Ace of Diamonds is hit.

Another is first to 50 cowboys on Fast Draw. If golden horseshoes are reached, each horseshoe target counts as 2 cowboys. Tilt and lose 5 cowboys.


Alternative objectives on pinball games is not stupid at all. I often find some wachy stuff to go for. And have always played for progress rather than points, actually (coin play).

Having objectives that carry shots to avoid for periods of the task is indeed skillful play (ATM 1B hurry up to name one).

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Start Last Man Standing before any other wizard mode.

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MB: Lyman’s Lament.

AFM: Destroy Mars without playing any multiballs.

Funhouse: Midnight ends game.


Yeah somewhere between 70m-80m in my match vs Werdrick. I used probably 2 Doc Ock MBs plus a Black Suit to work on pretty much just villains. Also with no gate on upper feed had to shoot venom from lower left ramp most of the time. I think it could certainly be lower, especially if you stay in single-ball play!

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Playing this with them inspired the Centaur ORBS challenge:

Each letter in ORBS correctly in order is +(# balls in play)
Breaking the ORBS chain is -(# balls in play)

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I’ve played nothing but 2-way combos on Shadow before and that was pretty fun

I managed to get 43M today. There is a little room to shave, but not a lot.

Played TZ the other night as first person to LITZ wins. We ended up turning it into most door panels wins after several games.


??? is there any other way to play that game? :smile:


All Vengeance, all the time.

I usually keep the Vengeance timer on mine configured to the lowest allowed time (12 seconds?) to thwart this – it’s enough time to complete if you make the shots perfectly, but usually a single errant shot burns enough time to ruin it.

Didn’t you move to Europe? I think that means you now have to say “battlefield all day” :slight_smile:


More cookies than objectives but I always go for Fluffy on BSD and try to make the cows moo on AFM. Both absolutely have to be done whenever possible. Don’t ask me why.

Used to only go for Springfield mystery spot on TSPP. It’s a reasonable goal with a nice payoff if you make it.