Stern Pro Circuit - starts in 2018


What’s the deal with Magfest? Is it out for the 2018 pro circuit, but in for the 2017-18 PAPA circuit?


It’s definitely in for the 2017-18 PAPA Circuit.

The SPC events are graded on their 2017/2016/2015 WPPR values, so for some of the events on the circuit they get their 2016-17 PAPA Circuit value towards this grading. (INDISC, Louisville, Magfest)

Magfest isn’t in or out yet. That will be determined once the values of the remaining 9 ‘2017 calendar’ circuit events get played. We’ll then see officially where Magfest stacks up.


barring a severe decrease in rated participants in a few tournaments, it looks like it wont make the top 15 :frowning:
For us in the north east, could perhaps get Pinfest instead? (red denotes Euro)


There’s a non-zero chance that every Magfest will be a circuit event, even if it is not on the Stern Pro Circuit for 2018


The question asked was insufficiently explored in the podcast. Your decision will most definitely impart positive inertia to the “haves” and negative inertia to the “have-nots” which will surpass any benefit of quality or favorable formats.

If these current results hold the Silverball Showdown will have been effectively assassinated. With no attached show or inherent tourist appeal in the area there is no possibility of growing the event outside of the Circuit short of some kind of “angel sponsor” funding an enormous prize pool.

Obviously I am disappointed for myself but I am more disappointed for Dan and Cactus Jack’s. That facility deserves a high profile event.


What kind of answers are you looking for?

With a 25% turnover of events every year, Circuit events will be replaced by Non-Circuit events the following season, even if the WPPR points for those events aren’t at the same level as the events exiting the Circuit.

That rule is specifically designed to not allow all the Circuit events to continue to benefit forever for always being “Circuit events”.

There are and will be a variety of formats included on the SPC for next year. For those players not happy with the quality of specific events, they should show their displeasure by not attending and supporting those events.


“displeasure” will be trumped by Circuit status


unless we’re talking about the 24 hour battle. My desire to sleep trumps the circuit status in that scenerio.

Different strokes. I think if a format stands out then it’ll join the circuit. There aren’t many events up there in attendance that don’t deserve to be. The show that the event is attached to also has some factor into it.


There are 20 Circuit events and most people got into the finals by doing well at 3-5. There is plenty of room for people to bypass events that are of lower quality and attend events of higher quality without negatively impacting their standings. There’s just no need to go to crappy events with a circuit of this size.


I was referring to vs, a non-Circuit event.


Not in my case. For example, should Pin-Masters ever return to the Pinball Hall of Fame I know I will not be attending.


The three biggest tournaments on the west coast are not circuit events. One of them has no attached show. This simply isn’t true.


What about the 5 events added each year that don’t have to compete against the existing list of Circuit events?

How will people decide which ones to go to from the “best of the rest”?


Don’t expect California Extreme to be in the Circuit next year. It’s the same weekend as Pinburgh so their WPPRs are going to be severely decreased this year due to 30 - 40 of the best local players going to Pinburgh instead. I’m surprised the tournament is even happening this year.


Last I heard it isn’t. CAX wasn’t on the circuit last year either, and it didn’t hurt us one bit. (Although we do have an attached show to leech off of.)


@jeff_rivera aren’t you going to the tourney?


It looks to be on the calendar:

Different format this year I guess?


Huh, I had heard some discussion but I didn’t realize it had gotten nailed down. Glad there will be something to play!


That’s a data point I’m willing to work with as TD. Thank goodness for feedback from the survey’s :slight_smile:


It looks to be really informal but I know of a few players excited to play in the tournament this year. Especially since a lot of players will be gone so they have a better chance of winning :slight_smile: