Stern Leg Plates

Anyone else have problems with Sterns ultra cheap leg plates?

That’s a new one to me. I haven’t heard that as a widespread issue at this point. That’s bummer on a new game though.

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Had one stripped on a Star Wars I brought to a friend when he got it new. Same thing. We were able to get one leg bolt in. I think he just left it. I gave him a big WPC backet to use of needed though.

In fairness my distributor sent out a replacement super fast, but this should not have happened. The quality and thickness of the metal used is quite alarming. Seems to fail at its most basic function of a table.

i thought they had upgraded to the larger (WMS like) leg plate after the cabinet corner separation issue?

Thats what I thought too but no dice.

That’s just PITIFUL. Come on, Stern!