Stern Jurassic Park Rulesheet

Yep this has been in since the game has been out. I don’t think they have plans to fix this.

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Upcoming TREX Mode: MODE NAME

This was with the adjustment for not starting TRex modes on hurry up. Mode that followed was TREX CHASE.


Another screen display bug: there are times when the T-Rex mode timer is still shown on the screen after the mode is complete. It’s been in gray and not actively counting down.
It eventually goes away after starting other things.



A clever way to discreetly show us a 4 bil on ball one :crazy_face:. A Pinburgh winner should not be afraid of those super predators… YOU are the super predator!


Yes, I’m curious about the path to that sort of score - fantastic multiballs? Easily beats my GC to date.

Haha. Not intended, but thanks! I think that one may have been one where I was focusing on Pteranadon, but had mistakenly not taken the T-Rex paddock path. And I’d been the beneficiary of likely two-three EB’s at that point.

The two paths to huge scores that I’ve found:
(1) My best at 8.7B was simply playing through the whole game: completing modes (getting fossils), going through all paddocks, keeping a long rescue streak going, good bonus, EB’s, and big payoffs at Visitor Center, Escape Nublar, and When Dinos Ruled the Earth. I also had an epic Secure Control Room that game of nearly 600M.
Rough point estimates (at base value – no 2x PF):

  • Good modes: around 100M for completed ones. T-Rex Rampage is uncapped, and can get around 200-250M. There seven, so sub-total of 700M.
  • Finishing modes leads to Fossils, and wildcard fossils to fill in the gap. All fossils = 900M
  • Rescue Streak: If you choose the Right side first dino, if you get a Streak of 25, then you’ve scored close to 200M from your cumulative Rescue scores alone.
  • Dino captures, and some perfect paddocks. Around 60M for Dino bounties, and if I got Perfect Paddocks on around 2/3 of them, then that’s an additional 80M, for 140M.
  • Visitor Center bonus: if you’ve gotten a lot of Fossils, Rescue Streak, and decent DNA combos, along with max paddocks, then you can get 1B from just the initial bonus.
  • Secure Control Room: It’s typically only around 150M for me if I complete it, but I was on fire with 2x scoring running, and got almost 600M.
  • Escape Nublar: I wasn’t focused on time, so I went through more paddocks than needed, getting over 1B.
  • When Dinos: played it well for 1.4B.
  • Bonus: if you go through Super Preds, your BonusX and natural bonus from all the Rescues, Fossils, etc can add up to 200M per ball. Let’s assume 100M bonus on average, and I’d played a total of 6 balls, I believe, for 600M.
    Using those rough estimates, that accounts for 6.6B of the score.

(2) Grinding Pteranadon modes to build your Pteranadon multiplier (without collecting) for an eventual massive collect. I believe my max is around 3B. @kdeangelo has gotten a 5B Pteranadon collect.

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What EB settings are people using on JP? Not getting any high scores close to that. I have mine set to just one to play a little harder. In competition, it is going to be set to zero.

For playing at home: factory settings. Lots of EB. See the rulesheet.


Made some additional edits, perhaps most importantly including an additional listing of DNA Combos that are grouped by the initial starter shot, rather than the order as presented in the Instant Info. I believe someone mentioned it in an earlier post, but it’s so much easier to intentionally pursue them and keep track of them by their initial starter shot.

Five DNA Combos begin with the Spinner:

  • Gallimimus: Spinner > Truck
  • T-Rex: Spinner > Tower ramp > Truck
  • Compsognathus: Spinner > Tower ramp > 2x Scoring target
  • Stegosaurus: Spinner > Upper loop > Supply Drop standup
  • Spinosaurus: Spinner > Upper loop > Tower ramp > Helipad ramp > Left ramp

Three DNA Combos begin with the Left ramp:

  • Triceratops: Left ramp > Amber/Pops target
  • Brachiosaurus: Left ramp > Right ramp > Supply Drop standup
  • Raptor: Left Ramp > Helipad ramp > Raptor Target

Three DNA Combos begin with the Helipad:

  • Ankylosaurus: Helipad ramp > Control Room
  • Spitter: Helipad ramp > Left ramp > Right loop
  • Pteranodon: Helipad ramp > Left ramp > Right ramp

This is very useful. My other beef with the instant info is I never remember if white or yellow means completed.

Have we determined what the Triple Super Skill Shot does yet?

It makes goats appear on the screen.

Nice. Game needed more goats. :wink:

quick question - on the Nublar mini game - do I have to put the truck back into the starting position BEFORE collecting the last rescue to find the optimum path? I do a few rescues then get shots lit up red. If I’m at the red shot stage is it too late to change the truck back? no idea who these androids are that can do this challenge in 2 minutes :smiley:

EDIT - Just found what my skimming eyes missed the first time, you can change it before you hit the ramp shot to end the paddock.


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Correct. This is very handy for being able to change the last Rescue shot to a higher % shot for you, and then being able to change the truck back to the fast path prior to exiting the paddock. Although if you’re having to change the truck direction on speed runs, it costs you a lot of time, and potentially your ball/Jeep.

yeah sometimes you just get that block on a shot; last night I flipped to avoid the O shot, then shot for the right ramp and hit the o shot. ho hum :smiley:


Just played my first game in ages, seeing as it had an update thought it would be rude not to.

First thing I noticed is the premature call out to set the trap is still there for both TRex and Spinosaurus.

Also what’s the deal in Invalid Frenzy with 255 hits to add a ball?
I’d always assumed it was a witty way of limiting the number of add a balls you could get.
However I had IF running, added balls the usual way, then got the 255 message. At this point I got an add a ball from the supply drop (super?) and was then able to continue getting add a balls from the gate.
Could it have been because it was the second time I had IF that ball? First time from Smart missile, second from finishing Secure Control Room?

I was also a little frustrated at, after getting to Visitors Centre, I then proceeded to get another 4 fossils (6way, pteranodon SCR & MM) but without getting the kind of payoff you get when you have them for your VC bonus.

Regardless, still put up my best score of 4.4bil, despite absolutely crashing and burning on Escape

Fossil better? :wink:
And earlier

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I added a 5th small rubber washer to the 4 currently on the truck newton ball post, it keeps the tension between the ball and truck and doesn’t allow it to flew downward and get balls stuck underneath. Works like a charm after 2000+ plays after adjusting