Stern Jurassic Park Rulesheet (WIP)

@sk8ball have you reproduced the Smart Missile crash bug mentioned above? I hit it a second time and have taken to simply cancelling smart missiles.

yep, it’s already fixed


So for anyone who’s gotten there, how do you activate Invalid Frenzy? Is it simply the next Control Room?

Yeah, it will light when you meet the 4th control room qualification criterion (which will usually be either 15 tower shots or spelling CHAOS for a second time).

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Don’t think that’s accurate.

I believe the 4th is Secure Control Room (mini wiz). After you complete that IF is qualified.

However, I think it shows the same going to the ? graphics for both SCR and IF.

Double checked cause I wasn’t totally sure, but just playing the first 3 control room modes is indeed enough to qualify Secure Control Room (ie, only 3 of the 4 objectives are required). The 4th objective then qualifies invalid frenzy (regardless of whether or not you successfully finished secure control room).

I think this works pretty well in terms of game flow; requiring 15 tower shots for secure control room would make it too much of a road block for Nublar.

I crashed the game during smart missile as well.

-2x running
-start t-rex multiball
-smart missile lit
-hit smart missile as t-rex starts
-immediate lock and reboot

EDIT- JP Pro, latest code (0.95)

I love finding this kinda stuff out literally within minutes of installing new code. :laughing:

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Looks like Stern just dropped new code (0.96) that fixes the crash. Some other nice stuff in there as well like a much-needed buff to super spinner scoring, a ton of new high score categories, and the ability to collect “Award 3X Bonus” from a super supply drop (which seems like it could be pretty huge if you collected it at the right time).

Good stuff as always!

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The super supply drops are pretty hard to finish which is why nobody complained the collect 3x bonus never worked :slight_smile: I have gotten super escape but never to super inlanes.

Had no idea “super escape” and “super inlanes” even existed haha. I often miss the on-screen award text cause the ball is always wild when you collect a super supply drop so it’s possible that I may have gotten there before and not realized it (is there a way to tell what the SSD award is before you collect it?). The deepest SSD award I’ve actually noticed myself collecting was an extra ball; I think that was around 50 loops?


I don’t understand, does that imply you only get to play each super mode once? And then the SSD starts giving out other stuff?

Is there a timed champ for completing CHAOS during Raptor? Would love to see that displayed similar to Destroy the Ring, Hallowed be thy Name, etc.

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I just looked. There are 5 awards past the amber awards. Seems like an Escher challenge to get all the way through without using the smart missile.


Took the glass off to figure out the super supply drops and updated the wiki accordingly. Looks like with no modifiers, you get one every 10 loops (qualified whenever the total loop count value ends with a 3). The extra ball supply drop (which I think is the furthest I’ve made it legitimately) is qualified on your 43rd loop. 53 is “Super Escape”, 63 is “Award 3X Bonus”, and 73 is “Super Inlanes” (that’s a lot of loops~!).

Super escape and super inlanes are both quite interesting and valuable:

Super Escape - Removes the need to qualify “Light Escape” for the remainder of the ball (ie, that target will always be flashing if “Escape” is not lit)

Super Inlanes - Removes the need to qualify inlane awards for the remainder of the ball. ie, unlimited super spinner and smart missiles :open_mouth:


Looks none of the new high scores are time-based, but I agree that they’re a fun thing to have. Could be good for Control Room/T-Rex modes as well since they both award time-based completion bonuses.

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Strat for aborting smart missile would be when in multiball and too many balls to get in the way? Havent had much time to thing about the other reasons…

If I have multiple balls trapped on the Smart Missile post, I usually abort. I prefer saving Smart Missiles for single-ball play.

Does 2X Playfield still apply to the bonuses you get upon reaching the Visitor’s Center?

Abort reasons:
Chaos multiball lit but you want to bring a mode in.
You have a nice rescue steak built up and are about to lose it
multiple balls stacked up behind the post
Save it for clearing t-rex or spino paddock