Stern Jurassic Park Rulesheet (WIP)

@sk8ball does the pre-start bonus count towards Visitor Center total mode score, or is it completely separate? @Snailman had about 118 M in “bonus” and ended up with around 181 M for the mode total.
I was too busy watching the animations and didn’t see if it was added to his score before or after the mode ended.

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Did something change about the order of smart missile awards? You used to be able to get raptor on your first one but now it’s been replaced with extra ball. Or is that a competition install only thing?

Both Visitor Center and Museum Mayhem are fun modes. Thanks for adding them!

Would it be unfair to say that invalid frenzy scores too low?

Only got there once so far and didn’t seem to get many points from it. It is a funny mode though.

Keith has previously mentioned that there will be a score balancing update once all the pieces are in place.

Originally it was a victory laps mode which is why it scores so low. It’s supposed to be a bit of a break on your way to Nublar so I left it as is.


Loving all the new modes! The victory targets phase of visitor center is a really cool idea and is a ton of fun to play.

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Except for that impossible to hit backwards raptor target…

dont get me wrong, this is feedback for the best coded game ever made… Just wondering if instead of points, this could be a mode where you can obtain other awards… like 10 hits to raptor for 3 smart missiles, 20 for EB, 30 for super escape, 40 for… 50 for… etc or a combination of playfield shots for awards?


Was curious about this too, saw someone get to this point and couldn’t move past despite wailing on raptor. Is it one specific target that has to be made?

Mosty because amber slings has a massive bug lol. Enjoy it now :wink:


@sk8ball have you reproduced the Smart Missile crash bug mentioned above? I hit it a second time and have taken to simply cancelling smart missiles.

yep, it’s already fixed


So for anyone who’s gotten there, how do you activate Invalid Frenzy? Is it simply the next Control Room?

Yeah, it will light when you meet the 4th control room qualification criterion (which will usually be either 15 tower shots or spelling CHAOS for a second time).

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Don’t think that’s accurate.

I believe the 4th is Secure Control Room (mini wiz). After you complete that IF is qualified.

However, I think it shows the same going to the ? graphics for both SCR and IF.

Double checked cause I wasn’t totally sure, but just playing the first 3 control room modes is indeed enough to qualify Secure Control Room (ie, only 3 of the 4 objectives are required). The 4th objective then qualifies invalid frenzy (regardless of whether or not you successfully finished secure control room).

I think this works pretty well in terms of game flow; requiring 15 tower shots for secure control room would make it too much of a road block for Nublar.

I crashed the game during smart missile as well.

-2x running
-start t-rex multiball
-smart missile lit
-hit smart missile as t-rex starts
-immediate lock and reboot

EDIT- JP Pro, latest code (0.95)

I love finding this kinda stuff out literally within minutes of installing new code. :laughing: