Stern Jurassic Park Rulesheet (WIP)

“Oh sh… I mean, Snikt!”

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New on .88 code Extra Ball awarded for t-rex bounty


Did it miss the release notes or did I skip over it? This is huge!

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Release notes are never 100%


Archive of last night’s stream on the new code -

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@sk8ball How much did KOTI scoring get nerfed with this: “- King of the Island - fixing an issue where the jackpot value would be incremented too much for spinner, pop, and sling hits”

And thanks for all the other tweaks and updates. Awesome attention to detail to keep improving the game experience. Great game just got even better!

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Has anyone figured out more of the DNA combos? I collected a T-Rex DNA combo once but I’m not sure how, I think it’s center loop - side loop - side ramp - truck but I might be wrong.

Played KOTI on 0.88. The “fix” described above seems to have significantly lowered the KOTI potential points. A 0.87code KOTI where I got to the 5x jackpot level netted me around 800M points, with double scoring running during most of it. KOTI on 0.88 code, with double scoring running during most of it, getting to the 4x jackpot level, got me 180M. :frowning:

On the 800M 0.87-code KOTI, I don’t think I got any huge “background” points like Amber or Pteranadon, because I didn’t claim either of those two feature champion spots when I put my initials in.

@sk8ball Did you elect to put in any KOTI base jackpot modifiers based on # of Rescues or # of Dinos captured?

I had a 900 million KOTI on 0.87 code with only 3x jackpot achieved. Had double scoring running throughout. Locked spinner on first jackpot, left ramp on second and the A ramp on third. The readme said something about lessening jackpot build value with spinner, pops and slings. I was resetting the jackpots using the spinner almost exclusively so I bet that was the “bug” he fixed.

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In Paddock modes, are the only “timed” element that the dino will finish off remaining “rescue” before capture? Ending the mode.

Sorry if this is clarified in an earlier post.

Yes. Although if you take too long with a capture, you might have to visit the Helipad again.

@Theguyoverthere please, stream!

Already have a few times you should be able to watch the vods, and I’ll continue to stream sporadically. Follow raydaypinball on twitch!


I don’t speak twitch, nor “vods”. I’ll setup an account now though. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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EDIT: @Theguyoverthere I’m in! It’s getting late here in Stockholm though. I’ll watch it tomorrow.

EDIT2: @Theguyoverthere I could not resist watching a “vod”? Impressive game and skills. Let’s play a JP Deathmatch in 2020 (I still haven’t played it)! :slight_smile:
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I guess KOTI had a bug that caused exponential scoring increases. When we get through the slog of getting mechanical devices 100% it will be back to adding/ tweaking rules


The post under the upper flipper getting loose has been the first ‘common’ complaint. And plunge, either auto or manual, not making the return to the right flipper consistently. But I know this is a rulesheet thread. Otherwise it feels real nice.

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@sk8ball I’m on a slight pinball-hiatus (again). Do you have any date sort-of-set for a 1.0-release? My hiatus will probably be over that day (the game looks awesome though). :slight_smile: Meanwhile, I’ll try to keep up with this thread.

Anyone know if there is a factory update/fix for the ball getting stuck under the truck? We have one on location that does it several times a day. Oddly enough, the JP next to it rarely does it.

I’ve heard people are using those clear nubs that you stick to cabinets so they don’t bang shut. Just a tiny little little round thing, like a quarter inch or less. Stick it to the bottom of the truck.


Worth noting when it comes to DNA combos - you can hear a little sound when you make a set of two shots that are part of the combo. Might be worth keeping in mind. There’s one DNA combo that starts at the helipad and then goes to the spinner that I haven’t been able to figure out yet.

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