Stern Jurassic Park Rulesheet (WIP)

Starting this for good measure. Feel free to contribute.

Jurassic Park is the second Stern Pinball machine designed by Keith Elwin. The amusement park’s dinosaurs have escaped thanks to Dennis Nedry’s computer virus. Your objective: rescue park staff, while also recapturing the dinosaurs.


  • Left slingshot: Standard.

  • Smart Missile up-post: Located near the left flipper. It holds balls either at the start of Paddock modes, or will set you up for a Smart Missile shot through the bumpers (though not yet fully implemented…currently awards 5m and not much else).

  • Left inlane: Can be lit for Smart Missile, activating the up-post mentioned before.

  • Left outlane: Can be lit for Escape, which saves your ball.

  • Escape target: Lights Escape at left outlane.

  • Control Room: A lane which ends with a standup. Has an up-post which can stop balls. Awards Control Room modes and the “C” in CHAOS.

  • Raptor Pit: An area which starts Raptor Tri-Ball. Depending on the version of the game, this area is different [More info needed]

  • Supply Drop target: To the right of the Raptor Pit, only hittable from the upper right flipper. Gives out random awards.

  • Raptor Tower: Side ramp that feeds the ball to the left inlane.

  • Upper left Standup: [More info needed]

  • Upper left loop: Sends ball quickly back to the upper right flipper.

  • T-Rex/Left ramp: Feeds ball to left inlane. Starts Paddock modes and awards the “H” in CHAOS.

  • T-Rex (Premium/LE): An animatronic dinosaur head that can move its head, “eat” the ball, and drop/fling it back onto the playfield. This is static on the Pro.

  • Center spinner: Can feed balls to the upper right flipper, or the bumpers via an up-post.

  • Trap standups: One to the right of the center spinner, and the other between the “Jungle Adventure Vehicle” and the pop bumper entry area. Sets traps to capture dinosaurs in Paddock modes.

  • “Jungle Adventure Vehicle”/Truck: A kinetic toy consisting of a plastic truck attached to two captive balls. Hit the ball to make the truck face either left or right; this determines the path you take through the map. Also awards letters in “T-REX”.

  • Pop bumpers: Three of them. Increase Amber value.

  • Pop Bumper standup: Can be hit either from a lower flipper shot or rebounds from the pop bumpers. Awards Amber, Smart Missile, and starts Chaos Multiball.

  • Pteranodon/Right ramp: Corkscrew ramp that feeds ball to the upper right flipper. Awards the “A” in CHAOS.

  • Right orbit: Awards the “O” in CHAOS.

  • Helipad: Ramp that does a 180 and feeds balls to the right inlane. Awards “S” in CHAOS.

  • Helicopter blade spinner (Premium/LE): Horizontal-facing helicopter blades which function as a spinner, revolving when balls hit them passing by on the Helipad wireform.

  • 2X Scoring target: Standup located across the playfield from the Lite Escape target. Lights 2X Playfield Scoring.

  • Right inlane: Can be lit for Super Spinner.

  • Right outlane: Can be lit for Nedry, which is a points award.

Skill Shots

Shoot the T-Rex Ramp for a skill shot of base value of 2M + 3 seconds ball save. Combo into right ramp for a Super Skill Shot of 2X the initial skill shot + 3 seconds ball save. Combo into the side ramp for a Double Super Skill Shot of 4X the initial skill shot + 3 second ball save. The initial value increases by 1M every time you make a skill shot. Upper limit?

Soft plunge to the left flipper and shoot the ball into the target at the back of the pops for a Secret Skill Shot of 10M + 3 seconds ball save. There are likely other secret skill shots, but all begin with a short plunge.

Chaos Multiball

Spell CHAOS, in order, to light Chaos insert. Shoot the shot through the pops to start. This same shot lights for Super Jackpot after enough Jackpots have been hit.

Hitting Supply Drop when lit awards Add-a-Ball.

Pops also award an Add-a-ball.

Each time Chaos MB is played, that increases the number of times you need to spell CHAOS for subsequent multiballs (by 1 each time).

Raptor Tri-Ball

Shot Raptor enclosure a bunch of times to start Raptor Tri-Ball. You must hit the farthest back standup target to progress & start the mode.

Paddock Modes

Spell M-A-P by hitting white arrows to qualify a “Paddock Mode” on the left ramp. Hit the ramp to advance to the next space on the map and start the mode (the direction you move on the map is controlled by the direction the truck toy is facing).

MAP progress is shown on inserts on the backpanel. When ready, the Advance Paddock insert will be lit on the sign above the left ramp habitrail (as it comes out of the backpanel). Additionally, the LCD will display “shoot left ramp to advance paddock”.

Each space on the map is associated with a specific species of dinosaur, and will grant different awards which persist throughout the remainder of the game.

During a paddock mode, the moving green arrow represents position of the dinosaur and the lit orange Rescue shots represent workers are the park who are in danger of being eaten. If the dino (green arrow) moves to shot that is lit for rescue before you collect it, the park employee will be “injured” and the shot will no longer be qualified for a rescue (it seems like there is a bit of a grace period after the dino arrives where you still have a chance to rescue the employee before they are eate- uh, injured).

Your goal is to capture the dinosaur with as few casualties as possible, ideally none. To do this, you must rescue workers until the “set trap” standups light on either side of the truck. The first Paddock mode only requires one worker to be saved before the set trap inserts are lit, but subsequent paddock modes are harder.

Once you have shot both set trap standups, certain shots will turn yellow. Shooting them captures the dinosaur. After the first paddock mode, the helipad will be involved as a yellow shot, but this might not be obvious as the insert is on a sign above the playfield.

Rescuing all employees isn’t enough…once a paddock mode has begun, you will remain in it (for the rest of the game) until you capture the dinosaur.

Your rescue progress is shown on the right side of the LCD. X out of Y rescues made. Rescues eventually light extra ball.


The Levels listed below represent the “outside pairs” of Paddocks. The .5 levels are the Paddocks up the middle, which can generally be avoided through intentional truck positioning.

Level 1

Species: Gallimimus (Left Side)

  • Diet: Omnivore
  • Aggression: Low
  • Trait: ?
  • Staff in Peril: 5
  • Bounty: 1m
  • Amber Bonus: +2x
  • Perk Awarded: 2x Bounties
  • Bonus Multiplier: ?

Species: Brachiosaurus (Right Side)

  • Diet: Omnivore
  • Aggression: Very Low
  • Trait: ?
  • Staff in Peril: 5
  • Bounty: 1m
  • Amber Bonus: +2x
  • Perk Awarded: +200k to streaks
  • Bonus Multiplier: ?

Level 1.5

Species: Spitter

  • Diet: Carnivore
  • Aggression: Medium
  • Trait: Immobilizes Staff
  • Staff in Peril: 7
  • Bounty: 2m
  • Amber Bonus: +3x
  • Perk: +1x Super Spinner
  • Bonus Multiplier: +1x

Level 2

Species: Triceratops (Left Side)

  • Diet: Herbivore
  • Aggression: Medium
  • Trait: N/A
  • Staff in Peril: 6
  • Bounty: 2m
  • Amber Bonus: +3x
  • Perk: Easier Loop Awards
  • Bonus Multiplier: N/A

Species: Ankylosaurus (Right Side)

  • Diet: Herbivore
  • Aggression: Medium
  • Trait: N/A
  • Staff in Peril: 6
  • Bounty: 2m
  • Amber Bonus: +3x
  • Perk: Easier Inlanes
  • Bonus Multiplier: N/A

Level 2.5

Species: T-Rex

  • Diet: Carnivore
  • Aggression: Extreme
  • Trait: N/A
  • Staff in Peril: 8
  • Bounty: 3m
  • Amber Bonus: +4x
  • Perk: +8 seconds to timers (supposedly not yet implemented)
  • Bonus Multiplier: +2x

Level 3

Species: Stegosaurus (Left Side)

  • Diet: Omnivore
  • Aggression: Medium
  • Staff in Peril: 7
  • Bounty: 3m
  • Amber Bonus: +4x
  • Perk: 15k / Pop Amber
  • Bonus Multiplier: ?

Species: Compsognathus (Right Side)

  • Diet: Carnivore
  • Aggression: Medium
  • Trait: Can’t be slowed
  • Staff in Peril: 7
  • Bounty: 4m
  • Amber Bonus: +4x
  • Perk: +250k combos
  • Bonus Multiplier: N/A

Level 3.5

Species: Spinosaurus

  • Diet: Carnivore
  • Aggression: Very High
  • Trait: Water Travel
  • Staff in Peril: 10
  • Bounty: 5m
  • Amber Bonus: +5x
  • Perk: King of the Island MB
  • Bonus Multiplier: +1x

Level 4

Species: Pteranodon (Left Side)

  • Diet: ?
  • Aggression: High Aggression
  • Trait: Flies
  • Staff in Peril: 10
  • Bounty: 4m
  • Amber Bonus: +5x
  • Perk: 2x Chaos Jackpots
  • Bonus Multiplier: ?

Species: Raptor (Right Side)

  • Diet: ?
  • Aggression:
  • Trait: 2 of them!
  • Staff in Peril: ?
  • Bounty: ?
  • Amber Bonus: ?
  • Perk: 2x Raptor Jackpots
  • Bonus Multiplier: ?

Level 5 - Not yet implemented

Location: Visitor Center

  • Diet: N/A
  • Aggression: N/A
  • Trait: N/A
  • Staff in Peril: 0
  • Bounty: 5m
  • Amber Bonus: +6x
  • Perk: 15m / Fossil (1 Use)
  • Bonus Multiplier: N/A

Rescue Awards

  • 13: Light Inlanes

Rescue Streak

Every time a rescue is collected, the “Rescue Streak” increases by 1. The rescue streak is reset to zero when a dino “injures” an employee. It seems that there are bonuses awarded at certain rescue streak levels (e.g lighting inlanes). Even better, the value of each rescued employee continues to increase as your streak gets longer.


Capturing a dinosaur awards “Jurassic Perks” which remain in effect for the duration of the game (each species appears to have its own unique perks).

T-Rex Events

Hitting the Newton ball/Truck awards letters in spelling “T-REX”. Completing “T-REX” lights the left ramp to feed T-Rex and start one of these modes. Further Truck hits change the mode.

(Default is Feed T-Rex with competition mode off. With competition mode on, it’s a random mode.)

You can see that a T-Rex mode is ready by looking at the LCD display or at the sign above the left ramp habitrail return.

Feed T-Rex: A hurry-up is lit at T-Rex. Shoot orange arrows to reset and build the hurry-up, and feed T-Rex to collect it. This starts T-Rex Multiball – a 2-ball Multiball – where the jackpot values are determined by the hurry-up value. [?]

T-Rex Rampage: Shoot the left or right ramp to lower the T-Rex, then shoot the T-Rex (left ramp) to collect an award. Comboing from the Raptor Tower or Helipad increases the award.

T-Rex Encounter: The first shot is the Truck. Afterwards, you must shoot orange arrows to free the trapped worker; the right ramp and right orbit score the most. Shooting the T-Rex distracts it.

T-Rex Chase: Shoot a lit shot. Then shoot truck. Repeat.

Completing a T-Rex mode awards a Fossil.

Control Room Modes

Control room modes are lit by:

  • Catching your first dinosaur
  • Spelling CHAOS twice
  • Starting raptor MB
  • 15 tower shots

All modes award a bonus for time left over.

Hitting the Control Room shot when lit catches the ball with the up-post and lets you select from one of three modes:

  • Virus Attack: All main shots are lit. Shoot one, then hit the control room. Repeat two more times (the main shots you have already hit will not relight).
  • Restore Power: Shoot the spinner to the increase a value, then shoot all other lit shots to collect the value.
  • System Boot:

Finishing a Control Room mode awards a Fossil.

Pteranodon Attack

Shoot the right ramp 4 times to start. Switch frenzy mode. All switches add to the award. Each threshold of 20 switches adds a multiplier to the award. If the mode times out, the multiplier carries over to the next Pteranodon attack, but not the award value.

Rules card says: “Shoot right HELIX RAMP to begin PTERANODON ATTACK frenzy. Collect switch hits to lite jackpot on right ramp”.

Smart Missiles

When the left inlane is lit for “Smart Missile”, it will hold the ball and call for a shot to the amber standup target in the pops. Hitting the target awards points (although it’s likely that additional rules will be implemented here).

Visitor’s Center

Rules card says: “Navigate the TRUCK to the VISITOR’S CENTER to begin RAPTORS IN THE KITCHEN mini wizard mode”.

Escape Nublar

Rules card says: “Complete RAPTORS IN THE KITCHEN, MUSEUM MAYHEM and SECURE CONTROL ROOM mini wizard modes to begin ESCAPE NUBLAR wizard mode”.


11 collectable fossils, divided into four separate sets. Bonus collect awards 2m per Fossil collected. Not yet fully implemented yet, Gallimimus is always the fossil awarded.

  • Set 1
    • Ankylosaurus
    • Brachiosaurus
  • Set 2
    • Velociraptor
    • Spinosaurus
    • Gallimimus
  • Set 3
    • Triceratops
    • T. Rex
    • Dilophosaurus
  • Set 4
    • Compsognathus
    • Pteranodon
    • Stegosaurus

DNA combos

11 unique combos. Award points when collected and boosts value of all combos. Award 250k points per unique DNA combo during bonus collect. Combos themselves score 1M each [?]

  • Brachiosaurus: T-Rex ramp > Pterandon ramp > Supply Drop standup.
  • Velociraptor: Left ramp > Helipad ramp > Raptor Pit.

Bonus Collect

Add up the following:

  • Amber Bonus
  • Number of Guests collected * 150k
  • Number of Dinos captured * 500k
  • Number of Fossils found * 2m
  • Number of unique DNA combos * 250k

Then multiply by bonus X.


Is the smart missile kind of like it was in the old JP? Start lit modes, and spot a ball towards a main multiball?

I’m watching the stream. Doesn’t look like it advances multiballs or modes. Maybe just points?

If successful you get a message that an area is “secured”. Maybe there’s something I’m missing.

It’s not coded yet so just points right now.


Thanks! Congrats on the new game. Can’t wait to play.

Can I just praise the software coder for bringing back the “balls in play multiply Jackpots” rule? It was one of the few things I liked about the original Data East table and I’m so happy to see it return here.


Agreed! Fun fusion of both old and new rules in this table, from what I’ve seen so far.

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So what’s the pattern for the Rescue Streak awards? The instruction card lists a lit Extra Ball at some point…

I just played 8 or so games of it, and here is what I learned.

Spell CHAOS, in order, to light Chaos Multiball at the shot through the pops. It can be started if ball makes it to the pops via other feeds. During Chaos, it seems like you shoot lit shots until the super is lit at the through the pops chaos shot. Hitting a lit Supply Drop target adds a ball. It’s possible that the super also awards an add a ball? I’ve had four add-a-balls in the same Chaos MB, so they seem plentiful and easy to collect accidentally.

After you’ve played Chaos MB, you’ll need to spell CHAOS twice (again, in order) the second time around.

Hitting the Raptor shot enough times will start a multiball. I believe it’s a 3 ball, and I think Supply Drop add-a-balls are in play.

The left ramp is not at all good at indicating that you have a T-Rex event or a Map mode ready. You would know that T-Rex is ready by looking at the display, or noticing that the truck isn’t lit for T-Rex. For Map, I guess you look at the MAP lights on the backpanel, though I’m sure it’s on the display somewhere.

I believe Pteranodon Attack is started by four shots to the right ramp. I think it might also be a two ball multiball?

I will add the stuff I’m most sure about to the wiki.

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I’m not sure what I did, but on one of my longest games, I collected a Fossil. The screen showed a display case of fossil outlines, and filled in the one I collected. I believe they were broken into three separate sections, with each section containing a several slots for fossils. I’d guess there were 10 overall.

It also wasn’t clear to me what lit Control Room modes, or what you receive for finishing them (though they seem to be stackable with any other mode).

#1 thing being worked on is instructional text and callouts as they are really lacking on that code.

11 fossils

11 DNA combos

Pops add a ball during chaos MB

Both Chaos and raptor are 3 stage multiballs

Control room lit via Catching your first dino, spelling chaos twice, starting raptor MB, 15 tower shots. All modes award a bonus for time left over.

Pteranodon is a switch frenzy mode. All switches add to the award. Each threshold of 20 switches adds a multiplier to the award. If the mode times out the multiplier carries over to the next Pteranodon attack but not the award value.


Thanks for some clarifications there.

So maybe Pteranodon isn’t a MB like I thought. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’d also add that aside from not knowing the left ramp was ready for Map and Trex modes (due to lack of instructions from the inserts), I was able to make a ton of fun stuff happen without needing to know the rules. (I hadn’t looked here first or watched any streams).

Shooting lit shots without knowing what you’re doing is way more fun and rewarding on JP than any other pin that comes to mind.

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Fleshed out some more stuff, particularly Paddock Modes.

Also realized that there are a few signs above the playfield with key inserts/info on them (showing the availability of T-Rex Modes, Advance Paddock, Helipad, and others).

Don’t quote me since it’s been a while, but its multi stage:

  1. Complete the 3 targets X+1 times, where X is the number of Raptor Tri-Balls you have played.
  2. Shoot the center target to lock the ball.
  3. Shoot the targets to deal damage to the fence - 10% on the outer targets and 15% on the center (similar idea to Ampsuit MB in Avatar)?
  4. Once the fence is down, shoot center target for Multiball.

Skill shots seem pretty valuable if you combo them. I played my first game of it over the weekend in the finals of a tournament that was caught on a FB livestream which I just went back and looked at. On my first ball, I got 2M + 3 seconds ball save for shooting the left ramp after a plunge (Skill Shot), then 4M + 3 seconds ball save for comboing that into the right ramp (Super Skill Shot) then 8M + 3 seconds ball save for comboing that into the side ramp (Double Super Skill Shot). Later in the game I saw another player do that and he got 3M, 6M, 12M for the same combo, so there must be a way to increase it. Either way that’s real points.


If I presume it’s anything like IMDN, making a skillshot increases future skillshots’ base value.

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Ah yes, going back to look that appears to be correct. I got my combo’d ones on ball 1, then on ball 3 I hit a single skill shot for 3M. The other player had also hit a single one earlier in the game.

I also had a ball where the plunge didn’t go all the way around to feed the right flipper and instead fell to the left flipper where I flailed up through the pops to the standup for a Super Secret Skill Shot of 10M.


Started filling out details on the specific dinosaurs. Missing quite a few.

Added a fourth T-Rex mode.

Added the bonus calculation.

The “Feed T-Rex” mode, which is a multiball mode…I have a hunch that this might always be the third T-Rex mode you play. Can anyone confirm?

The perk for Spinosaurus is “King of the Island (Multiball)”!

It’s the first unless you are in tournament mode

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