Stern Cabinet Problems

The newer stern cabinets are not that great as we all know, but it seems to be worse than I thought with our GB. After less than one year on the route our cabinet has seen cracking in all four corners and has become noticeably twisted. This is simply unacceptable for a commercial game. I love Stern games but unfortunately will not purchase anymore until quality improves and some sort of 5-10 year or lifetime cabinet warrantee is clearly established.

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It seems they have addressed the issue and are now using similar leg plate as WMS, not that I would ever buy NIB :slight_smile:
Do you have picture of it? I am curious to see how bad it got.

I might, I off loaded it to someone else. Might have a video still. I do not think the leg plates will help as the wood itself seems softer. In fairness I eventually was offered a cab replacement. Its the eventuality part that has me concerned. Also the tech time payroll involved.