Star Wars (Stern) Rulesheet

I just remember one code revision where Hoth MB had you “destory” AT-AT’s.


Isn’t that what shooting the inner loop does? Wrapping the tow lines?

“Destory”, not “destroy”.

ya, they used to be 4 stories high, but then you destory them by wrapping the tow line, they fall over and they’re only 1 story high now.

alternatively, you have removed them from the story by immobilizing them.


League player got 80x video mode tonight. How is that possible?

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Second video mode is worth double I believe. Or it’s light video mode and play Hoth I. Can’t remember. I think it’s the latter actually.

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Guilty :slight_smile: All I know is that I played the Hoth video mode, then I noticed I had Video Mode lit again. I played Escape from Hoth and focused purely on getting my 40X. Once I got it I moved the multiplier to the Hoth shot, drained down to 1 ball and shot the video mode. Scoreboard showed the 40X with the words double beside it too. Played a fairly poor Video mode and came out with 680 million points! Was crazy.

Next time I play I’ll have to pay more attention to the doubler when I play a second video mode. That’s good to know as 680 million is way more than I would normally get from playing Escape from Hoth on the two version of Star Wars I have access to.


That confirms it. Second video mode is worth double. I knew that was the case at some point, but I thought @Dwight made it so if you have Hoth 1 and video mode lit you wouldn’t play it twice, you would just play it once at 2x in newer code revisions.

That’s how the one near me plays: lit Hoth + Video Mode equals one video mode.

Not certain, but I don’t think it even allows you to trick it by shooting a different mode start shot to start your Hoth 1.

If it says 40x (Doubled) on screen, doesn’t that mean it’s only 40x? As in, the displayed multiplier includes doubling automatically?

As I understand it, max shot multiplier on regular set is 20x, which can be doubled to 40x.

Funny enough, at my league last night, I used my Hyperspace Multiball to set up a 32x video mode for 550M.


That particular table isn’t likely on the latest code.

The multiplier is maxed at 20x unless doubled. When you see Doubled next to your multipler it means you have the double multiplier going. You can not get above 40x. You get double multiplier by completing the force targets 4x. It’s the reward between Light Video Mode, and Lightsaber Duel. YOu can also get it as a random mystery award, or as a random reward in the pop bumpers.

Each time you play a video mode it goes up a level. As stated the Hoth/light video mode combo increases your level +1 the level you would have been on. 99% of the time that is going to be on your first go around so you would start at level 2.

The scores do increase as the you earn higher levels, but I don’t think it’s doubled. I’d wager that it goes up about 1/3rd per level or something like that. I haven’t tried it with the glass off to actually figure it out.

I just noticed it was two video modes back-to-back, that is defiantly old code.

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Here’s a link to my post on the maximum points on offer for all the missions and major modes in Star Wars.

This is my first post on Tilt, I’ve got to give you more than just a link, so here’s a Tilt exclusive:

Something interesting about activating ‘Escape from Boba Fett’… The rules are you shoot 4 white shots and you enter the mode. At least 2 of these shots have to be outside of any other mode; open play. The tricky part is that while in a mode the shots are not lit up as white but are hidden, though you can still hear and see Boba Fett’s ship pass by on the main screen when you shoot one of these hidden shots.

So you can enter the mode with the following combinations:

In a mode/open play

At least that how it normally works. Here’s the cool part. If your last shot in a mode is also a hidden white shot, it counts as being a shot made in open play. So you can actually enter EfBF via a 3/1 (In a mode/open play) combination if your last shot in a mode is a hidden white shot.

Still EfBF related:
This has happened to me a few times. If the final white EfBF activation shot is also a HS HU activation shot (say the RR), then shooting the RR will activate the HS HU and cancel your EfBF activation, and you have to start all over again. :stuck_out_tongue: Well, you are about to enter Hyperspace, so it makes sense.


Welcome to Tilt forums! Wow. I only read the Death Star 1 recap, and already impressed. Thanks for doing such an in-depth analysis and sharing it.

If I read it correctly, let’s say I have 10x shot multiplier, and move it to each shot of DS1, and shoot each shot immediately, I get 20M (2Mx10) for shot 1, then 200M for shot 2 (20Mx10), then 250M for shot 3 (25Mx10, due to max 25M base value), and 250M for shot 4?

Correct. That’s how it works. While I’ve seen some variability here or there with the shot value on the main screen it very much works as described.

I remember a really early stream, might have even been the reveal with Dead Flip, where Dwight was explaining it, so it hasn’t changed since day 1 but it’s so rare to see a player really take advantage of the points potential in DS1.

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Can you explain the Escape from Boba Fet a bit more? I’ve noticed the white arrows, and understand that I need to get 4 lit to start the mode. I also see how hitting a white shot unlights it. What I haven’t been able to determine is how I get more white arrows lit. I thought I’d need to combo from one unlit shot to another, but maybe there are only select shots that qualify for that mode? I’ve probably been trying to combo a ramp to an orbit, but perhaps it requires comboing an orbit to the last ramp (with the EfBF shots being both ramps and both sides of the inner loop?).

The easiest combo in the game to remember and this is what I use late in the game to get into EfBF is right loop into either ramp. The RL lights both ramps as light blue and you have about 5 seconds or so to shoot one of the ramps to turn that shot white and if I have enough time left over I go for the other ramp as you are given a second or so grace period. I then shoot the white shots and if that wasn’t enough to enter EfBF I shoot the RL into ramps once again.

Ah, I’m understanding better now. For some reason I was under the impression that I needed to get four white arrows lit, and then shoot/clear them in order to start EfBF. After reading your post, I played a few games and recognized the Boba Fet sound effect whenever I collected a white arrow, and I made it into EfBF.

I didn’t get many points in the mode (16M?) but I’m guessing that was due to a low multiplier and not getting it moved to each shot.

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What must you shoot to become awards when you reach the multiball for the different characters ? How can you create jackpots for multiballs ?

Not really sure what you mean here: you mean the four different Mode Multiballs (Death Star, Tattooine, Endor, and Hoth)?

If so, see the PDF linked above by @Hoochoo. Each Mode Multiball is called mode #4. So see Death Star 4 for the Death Star MB.

If you mean the Mode Multiballs, then there aren’t traditional “jackpots” along the way. But each mode multiball culminates in a big jackpot at the end of the shot sequence – which also immediately begins Victory Laps.