Star Wars Bug?

Playing a SW with 1.030 code.

Came into a ball 2, playing as Han with Tattoine MB qualified, selected light Hyperspace Hurryup, with one already collected. Collected Tattoine MB, which initiated 2 ball and then hit hurryup to start HS MB.

One ball is locked in DS, one in play. No third ball is added when HS is started and I drain the second ball before the hurryup finishes counting down.

At this point, DS kicks out locked ball and both multiballs end.

This…does not seem right?

First off I think you mean hyperspace MB not Death Star MB. You can’t stack two planet MBs. And this sounds right to me…

Both start as 2 ball MBs. If you would have hit the ball held at DS it would have added a third ball. Or you could have added a ball to tatooine via force targets and holding action button.

Sounds like ball save was over on both Tatooine and Hypserspace so when you drained the only ball left was being held in the DS so it has to be released and both modes are over. Doesn’t matter that hyperspace was still counting down as you need to have two balls in play to add the 3rd.

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Yoy are correct - edited OP to reflect HS MB.

Shouldn’t stacking Tatooine and HSMB add a ball up to three?

Would be nice but I don’t think so. it’s just two different 2 ball MBs.

Now if you start a planet MB then start tie fighter MB… that will add a ball since tie fighter is a 3 ball MB.


There’s something weird with the MB logic in Star Wars. It seems like, if you start in a X ball multiball when you already have X balls in play, it doesn’t add any more balls, which doesn’t seem right to me. I would have thought bringing in a 2 ball when you had a 2 ball going would add one more ball, or bringing in a 3 ball would add 2, but I haven’t ever really paid that much attention in other games to compare

There’s also a weird thing in Hyperspace MB on the pro where if you don’t hit the locked ball to release it, when the timer runs out and the lock releases you’ll also get another ball, but if you drain before the timer expires you’ll end up with just two.