Star Trek (Stern) pitch setting for competition?

For those of you that have used Star Trek for competition settings, how many degrees did you set it at?
7? 7.5? Something else?

Would you use the same pitch again in the future?

I don’t remember what pitch we used at CAX, but I would pay very careful attention to the left/right level. There is a rubber in the pops that it is very easy for the ball to get caught on if it isn’t leveled properly. I think we had to go through the stuck ball procedure like four times for Josh Henderson during one of his finals games.

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Biggest thing about that stuck ball area is that it is very easy not to notice it during a multiball.

One effective and easy solution is adding a 3/8" felt pad. YT video here:

For a bonus multiplier, set the video playback to 1.5x or 2x speed. :slightly_smiling:

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