Spinner dialing. Share your secrets here


Your Stars spinner is more like a rocket with boosters. Best spinner I’ve ever seen in person.


Thanks, my Meteor spinner took me an hour to dial it in and it makes Star’s spinner look lethargic.


Mmmmm… need some dialed spinner video


CONTEST: Pick a game. Dial the spinner. Place a ball on a flipper. Note the score. Shoot the spinner. Note the score. Highest one-spinner-shot score wins.


Can I convert Aztec to DC flippers and still be eligible? :wink:


DOD shot on IM with double scoring running FTW. d;^)

We’ve had all drop target games. El Dorado, WPT. When will we get a game loaded with spinners? Three is not enough. Inline spinners anyone?


I’m claiming Johnny Mnemonic.


Not exactly inline, but I always liked the tight little horseshoe loop on Swords of Fury with the two side-by-side spinners at the loop entrances.


Do I get to hit GOT drops as much as I want first?


Note that the purpose of this contest is not to say “What spinner has the highest score” but to compare spinners across the same game to say “Whose spinner is most dialed”? The purpose is more to measure spins per shot than score.


Who’s got a firepower or big game that wants to battle?


Isn’t this considered modifying the machine to get higher scores?


Yes, but luckily this is pinball and no one cares! It spins the same for all players and I don’t think anyone really compares scores across machines so it is all on the up and up.