Sopranos Bug?

Play Sopranos last night and I think I found a bug. I had Underboss lit, tilted, and drained. Next ball I was back at Associate rank. I understand that if you make it to Boss and do not finish it, you reset your rank, but I had not even started Underboss, nor was I even close to getting Boss started.

Start at one hour one minute. My game lasts about ten minutes.

One of our favorites at our monthly tournament on Soprano’s. I’m not even sure if it’s tilt related, because we were running into this issue quite often with rank resetting mid-game.

Paging Tommy Soxson . . . where’s the code update bro? :slight_smile:

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I wonder if the bug is there in the original code? I updated mine to 5.0 right when I got it so I’m not sure.

BIG POINTS! is my favorite sopranos bug.


I’ve had that happen on tilts too :frowning: I wondered if it was just intentional penalty for tilting or something

Other owners concur its when you tilt. If that’s the case, I kind of like it. Haha.

I’ve had this happen multiple times after a tilt. The first time was when I also discovered the table I was playing was set to one tilt warning. I did make it all the way back to boss in that game thanks in part to collecting the ranks extra ball a second time.

Been streaming for a while tonight. It’s definitely on every tilt. I kind of love it.

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If extra balls are turned on I have thought about the infinite game of sopranos where you earn an extra ball on ball one, tilt out, start back at associate, and earn an extra ball on your ball-one extra ball. I’ve not found that I have this much patience for sopranos, but, I think it’s possible.


Just played some more. It not only resets your rank, but ALL progress you have made towards Boss. Talk about a kick in the nuts. Oh and the difficulty of bing and boat and safe hits don’t reset so to get back into multiballs and crack safes is fucking impossible. Haha