solved: Comet scoring error?

Anyone ever seen the million point shot register for Two million instead of one million?

Trying to understand what happened here. Double switch hit?

edit: keefer jumped in to provide the answer below, extra ball is worth 200k and player had it set up so cycle ramp and extra ball were awarded on the same shot with 5X running.

Player had 5x PF going after completing the top rollovers is all.

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that’s not how the game works. The flashing red insert is 5X scoring.

On ball one, completing rollovers gives 2x playfield, 3x on ball 2 and 5x on ball 3. Player in the clip is on ball 3.

Multiply the 200,000 shot by 5X is what gives the Million. You can see the player 2, 3 and 4 displays flashing 1,000,000 but he was awarded 2M.


Looks like a bug for sure. Should be relatively easy to fix that one, if it were a double hit; just add a short timer on the first hit, if still timing on the second hit, no extra score.

Ya, must be a bug, what’s odd about it is that the jump ramp unlights after one shot and has to be relit after

What would be the tournament ruling here if this was an already known bug?

Beneficial malfunction rule can remove the extra 1M if the TD believes it is in error. Same as would happen if 1M fired without shooting it.

I’m not sure why it’s written this way, but the players also have to agree to that scoring adjustment. Seems like a group of TD’s should be able to make that determination themselves without agreement needed from any of the players involved :thinking:

“Any beneficial malfunction which provides one or more players with a significant scoring or strategic advantage in a way that is not part of normal gameplay will void the score of the affected player(s), unless all immediately-affected players and Tournament Officials can agree on a suitable adjustment of the score or other elimination of the advantage.”

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If only one opponent in the four player game is watching, the active player is having an otherwise good ball, then there’s only one report of error, and the active player just says “i was having a good ball, i did hit the million shot once but wasn’t watching my score otherwise” how does the IFPAPA beneficial malfunction rule apply?

Seems dangerous to allow the report of one opponent initiate a voided score against the current game leader

Yep. My vote is play on.

so can one player can hold out? and an TO can or can’t say take the void or take an DQ?
What about an TO in the same game??

Should there be an void all scores rule for some scoring errors?

Should the player have the right to at the very least take an choice of lose points or take an game do over?

Does void need to defined as play over and not take an zero?

play on works some times but an stuck on switch that makes an player score jump up big time should not count and the only real way to fix it is to void game and you may even need to reboot / open game (may need to take things apart to get to it) and then do testing to fix it.

Yes new sterns can do that.

and on the game void case we need an rule saying any game as part of an say an pump and dump , limited tickets, best card , etc must be played (yes with Que jump) (yes even after last game time) (even if you must pick an different game if the one you are on can’t be fixed) a
nd if forced to pick an other it’s should be free choice even if say need to wait for an other player to play there last game.

Of course, if the player can explain why the game did what it did in the context of a strategy, then usually the ruling is play on, no scoring adjustment.

Which is the bug-no-bug-paradox.

If the bug is unknown, its a bug.

If the bug is known, it is not a bug.

what is the limit? Can I skill crash an game to get an do over?
Do an snack bar 10B?
Do an HS2 multiball restart? play with red line mania?
the shadow loops for big points?
TAF room meltdown?

Are Comet’s rules actually “you get ONE of the millions”? If it’s merely you get one per shot over the switch I think that’s more of an oversight on the program. Maybe the ball had some wicked spin on it and it went back up?

I’ve done glass off testing on my personal Comet by hitting the switch super fast with my finger, no false registers. There is a state of confusion that happens when the million shot registers. The game goes through a short sequence of music and light show (typically while the ball is in the saucer) and during this time no other switches allow scoring.

I will run tests on the actual tournament game tomorrow.

The cycle ramp has to be lit, which will score 200k at the furthest hole (30k when unlit). On ball 3 you can get 5X scoring from the 1986 rollovers. Regardless of whether 5X is active or not, the cycle ramp unlites after one of the holes is hit (relites from left inlane).

I thought it might have been something between L4 and L5, but the only differences between those 2 revisions are the default scores for replays, and a couple of other parameters - the game coding is exactly the same between the 2.

Totally forgot to test last week. Hopefully I’ll remember on Tuesday.

Sorry I’m late to this thread, but I think the answer is much simpler. No bugs or anything.

The extra ball is also lit on the top hole (the right-pointing arrow), so it’s likely the consolation award for getting the extra ball is also 200K, x5, = the second million.

This should be pretty easy to setup and test.

EDIT TO ADD: And obviously it’s worth points because EBs are disabled.