So how about that Stern Pinball Arcade?

I haven’t gotten it yet since I’m waiting for steam but I fully intend on buying it when it comes out. $10 isn’t a big price for me to pay to become 100% on a game with a complex ruleset.


I’m wondering whether I should get it for my iPad or Xbone. Sucks you have to pay for it on each.

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I doubt they’d remove the existing DE/Sega/Sterns, but maybe they just won’t bother to update the regular PA version, so if they wanna remaster the existing titles, the remasters would likely just be in SPA.

Personally, my fingers are crossed for Google Daydream support.

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Blame the app ecosystems. :wink:

Based on the talk at replayfx, it sounds like stern owns this new app and is contracting farsight to build it. I suspect your second case is most likely. There is an upcoming Pinball Profile with Mike Lindsey that I hear will touch on this (Jeff is currently trying to move from SoundCloud to a podcast system)


While I’m on the subject on pinball arcade, this is a slight segue but I pretty much only play it to learn a game I plan to play irl. I was thinking an idea that would make it more fun is if you played as a customizable avatar and walked around a “town” old school rpg style and went to various business establishements e.g. laundromats, bars, bowling alleys with the intention of beating each location’s “GC”. The GC’s can be caricatures of various pinball player archetypes. I can dream.


It’s a neat concept for sure, but FarSight would need to fix the predictable nature of their physics engine before something like this would even be remotely fun. Knowing the people that play The Pinball Arcade, every game you would walk up to would have stupid high GCs and would take hours upon hours to take out (10+ billion on TAF, 500 million+ on AFM, etc).

Yeah, I wouldn’t think to do it with actual GC’s that people have put up, that would be too crazy high. I don’t know how people even have the patience to get those scores. Perhaps it would be something that I could make with visual pinball if I ever learn to do that.