Slide saving insight

I’ve noticed that certain players seem to be more successful at slide saving than others. Specifically, I have observed people play the same game and seen certain players slide a game the exact same (if not longer) distance and not tilt out when others have. I have my own theories on why this happens, but I don’t actually think I’m right. Does anybody have insight into this?

It’s the sliding motion and getting the bob to hit the edge of the tilt ring and killing its momentum. You get a warning and your ball is still alive:)


I think that the key is to slide the machine without “stopping” it. By that, I mean to give it enough force to move the machine the desired distance without braking the slide with the other hand. This should minimize the movement of the tilt bob. It should be one smooth movement, with the machine stopping itself. You also have to know what surface the game is on. Any smooth, finished surface is going to be slide city. Carpet or unfinished concrete, not so much.


I remember the tournament tent at Pinball Showdown a few years ago was on a concrete floor and players were sliding those machines a good foot or two and they would have to pull them back into line constantly.

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