Skill Shot Pincast!


It’s her birthday today. I’ll ask her tomorrow. :slight_smile:


Does Stern randomly contact people? I don’t really understand. I guess what they’re doing is working so far, as they’re able to find people who can act at least well enough to be convincing.

But what I do wonder is why they haven’t ever tried to hire voice actors like Kyle Hebert, Patrick Seitz, Cristina Vee, Erica Mendez, Yuri Lowenthal, Vic Mignogna, Brittney Karbowski, and the like, who are professional, have a certain amount of star power to them among animation fans, are easy to get ahold of, and are inexpensive. Indie video game companies made on a shoestring budget and animated shorts made by two people on Flash can get these people. (Kyle Hebert in particular likes voicing for small projects and has his own recording room.)

I don’t mean to belittle the people who are currently voicing stuff for Stern’s pinball machines, because I have yet to find a true dud as far as voice acting goes. I simply wonder why Stern hasn’t tried these people at least once.

Then again, it does result in tremendous variety of voices. After some time, it becomes easy to identify voice actors who you hear again and again, and it takes me out of the story and I start wondering if I’m correct in guessing the voices (unless they have amazing range, like Tara Strong or Matt Mercer).

(The main reason I wonder, though, is because I’m an animation fan and a trivia fan at the same time, which means I pay attention to who voices what, go to conventions, and learn behind-the-scenes stuff. These guys have lent voice work to near every medium that isn’t live action, and pinball seems to be one of the holdouts.)


Kate definitely wasn’t randomly picked. She’s a badass player who apparently is well respected in the UK pinball community. Steve specifically picked her.


Have you played 24? Those Jackpot call outs are pretty bad!


The most surprising thing about that whole ‘Kate Morris is in GOT’ thing was how she kept quiet about it for so long!

It’s not a unique occurrence though (voice work by a pinball fan). Wasn’t Daisy Duke in Mustang voice worked by one of the girls from PAPA (Elizabeth was it?)


I had wanted to link to that Pinball Info thread but the jiggly boobs avatar in the second post gave me pause.


I think it was Angela Drobka that did Mustang.


Loved the ‘Atlantic City’ reference in the latest podcast. I wasn’t sure if I’d like that game (I’ve never played one before), but it is probably the game I have played the most since programming it in the multi-bingo. Good pick!


Thanks Nick! We actually just got an email about how that game was a bingo. Probably why I was so cautious about my betting on it. I just don’t know bingo titles at all!


Hey Kayla, here you go:

This list contains just about all of the EM bingos, and a few solid state ones, too. The number of solid state titles produced since 1981 in Belgium is astounding, though, and I don’t know of any source that has them all…

Atlantic City is a good player because it can spot a total of six numbers, has three extra balls possible, and three cards, each of which can score independently. On top of that, you can win on corner numbers only (any card) or earn a double award on one or more cards.

Lots of ‘place name’ bingos. United in particular carried their tradition of state name flipperless woodrails to bingos.


Well, what I mean is if she’s had a history of acting. I can definitely see the logic in picking people whom you know, but I’m confused about how Stern’s auditioning and casting works, as it seems to produce a voice cast unlike that of any other game company.

Oh, I have! Those are entertaining in a funny way.



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You’re a sweetheart. Thank you so much!