Skill Shot Pincast!


You’re a trouble-maker for not playing the pingolf games in order :frowning:


That’s fine. I’ll take it. Been called worse before! We really had no interest in staying in the muggy arcade for 3 hours to finish up 9 holes. Swimming sounded way more fun and I knew neither of us were going to make it to the finals.


Hey Kayluh, it was great to meet you. That is one killer pinball tat. Funny thing, I was listening the the latest Skill-Shot pod cast in my car when you posted this!

Oh yeah, the mini-zines were cool. I was surprised by how many of those faces I recognized.


Random question, but who does the collages for your zines? They’re super cool, I’ve even put a couple up on my wall.

U-District here!


That’d be Jeff “Nosebleed” Larson. He does a lot of design work and we’re lucky to have him make the inside list for us! He also helped me with the Babes in Pinland logo. You can find more of his work here and here.


I got a shout-out! Whooop! :raised_hands:


Woo! See what you get for being nice? :grin:


Our guest this week is Rod Olsen, the Rodfather of Seattle pinball. I’m not going to give a lot of exposition on this one but it’s one of my favorite shows we’ve done since starting this podcast and easily the funniest.


Huh, just when I thought I caught up, we got another episode here. A few thoughts:

Episode 30: I’d like to clarify the specifics of the term “Jumping the Shark.” It refers to when a series (any medium) is thought to have run out of ideas and can no longer remain fresh without a constant and usually escalating influx of absurd premises or drastic changes. In addition to the Happy Days example it’s named after, another famous example is the introduction of the Great Gazoo in The Flintstones, who, as a reality-warping extraterrestrial, was highly out of place in the show’s prehistoric setting.

(Where a show has jumped the shark, if it ever did, can be VERY subjective though.)

Also, is Segasa really related to SEGA? I always thought it was coincidence, even if SEGA has existed during the time Segasa was making pinball machines. Certainly, Sonic the Hedgehog didn’t.

Finally, Episode 33: Regarding expensive beer at convention centers, that’s pretty normal as far as things sold by convention centers go. They know they can price-gouge the visitors. I also hope to never see that drunkard with the missing teeth, as he sounds scary…but if he can be really good at pinball, I’m curious as to how he spends his days. Maybe he is a champion of days gone by who’s fallen on hard times. Or maybe it’s just my imagination.


We put our episodes out on a very consistent schedule. You’ll have a new one every other Wednesday. I don’t really know what the history is of Segasa. Just something we mentioned in passing. I have no actual facts to go off of, I think we were just spitballing. Thanks for the feedback and for listening!


Rod is awesome, cracked me up. You should buy him this for his showers.


Yeah, you can put me in the Rod fanclub!


it was fun learning about his past, didn’t know he was a stand comedian though I could totally see that :smiley:


YES!!! I can’t wait to show this to Rod.

So glad you guys liked this episode. It was definitely one of the more fun ones Graham and I have been a part of. Would re-guest.


Ah, I see. (I also never noticed the release schedule for some reason.)

Rod definitely has had an interesting life, and definitely one worth telling. What was interesting to me the most is his performance experience, and how he somehow got a voice role in Whoa Nellie!.

I suppose, in a way, pinball is still small enough that Stern will still reach out for people like Rod when it comes to casting. While I would love to see pinball get big enough that they can get high-profile people like Troy Baker and Jennifer Hale, at the same time, there’s this neat charm about casting non-professionals.

I would’ve liked to hear more about any experiences he’s had as an operator, as I’m curious about what being an operator entails, especially tasks and interactions with players that someone like me, who only plays, might overlook or not understand.


Graham and I showcase TAF.




For today’s episode, we got to hang out with Paul Dreyer while he visited from LA. Had a great time with him at Flip Flip beforehand, and an even better time chatting pinball, game shows, math, sailing puns, and playing a new game he designed for Graham and I! Check out Skill Shot Pincast for pod #36!


I can’t find the exact interview I read with her, but Kate Morris of the UK has a similar “WTF, really?” story of how she came to be the voice of Game of Thrones pinball. Here’s at least a little something I came across.


I’m part way through the latest episode, and I want to say yes please, have Molly as a guest!