Skill Shot Pincast!


Very cool league night talk. Very accessible to people outside Seattle.


I can’t tell if you’re being sincere or snarky, so I’m just gonna assume this means you enjoyed it. And in that case, thanks!


Haha, to be totally honest, I made my sincere comment after only about half the podcast. There was definitely plenty of local stuff afterwards! Don’t worry, we can take it.


Thank you for letting me know, because I literally couldn’t tell and we’ve been criticised for being too Seattle centric. It’s likely why we average 3-500 plays per episode while everyone else is in the thousands.


Well, I think you gotta do what comes natural. I always try to think of my ideal audience and respect them rather than try to be everything to everyone.

And when you think of successful podcasts that have hundreds of episodes, they have refined their vibe over years. And the new listeners that may join you in the future will appreciate the backlog you’re creating for them today.


I think your listener levels are pretty impressive (I’d love to have the same volume!). Enjoyed the latest data episode quite a bit; I would have been happy for ya’ll to have gone on longer than usual covering it!


Do you have the graphs you were looking at the end available?

EDIT: I think I found it!/vizhome/IFPATest/PlayersbyCountry


Thanks for helping put it in perspective! While I’m making them presently, it’s hard to think about the lasting impact they will continue to serve. As always, totally appreciate your support. Thanks for listening.

@DennisK I thought for sure you guys had more listeners than that. You should!
We both really enjoyed having Michael on - he’s a wealth of information that you didn’t even know you wanted to know. I’m confident that we’ll have him back soon.

@Theguyoverthere I just reached out to Michael to have him resend me the links he wanted to share. They got lost in the shuffle of back and forth messages. Once I get them, I’ll make sure to post them here.
EDIT: I just saw your EDIT and realized that you found Ken’s graphs. We still need to share Michael’s as well though and I’m working on that today!

@everyone else: We have a new episode up, this time with Seth Porges - former Senior Editor at Maxim, and Popular Science, as well as a contributor to National Geographic, History channel, and Rolling Stone. Among being a successful and established journalist, he’s a pinball historian. Join us on the latest episode to learn something new about the storied past of the silver ball.


Our ep with Jack Danger of Dead Flip.



NWPAS preview with Dan Halligan

Tilt Cycle interview with Dan Burfield

Stats part II with Michael Adcock

Coming soon:
NWPAS review with Brad and Gordon

Pinburgh recap with… me?


NWPAS Recap with Brad and Gordon



Very cool about the invite for Andrew WK to come out to ReplayFX / Pinburgh! I’m super excited at the thought that he would potentially be master of ceremonies.

Imagine if his band played at ReplayFX too? That would be awesome!


I’m going to see his show in Seattle so I’ll be sure to put another bug in his ear about that. It’d be so rad!


Be sure to tell him to hit up Free Gold Watch down in San Francisco when he comes down a few days later after Seattle. :slight_smile: