Silverball Super Social 2023 July 28th-30th at Enterrium in Schaumburg, IL

Full details at the link but mark your calendars for the Silverball Super Social 2023 at Enterrium, July 28th-30th! It’ll be too hot outside! Play pinball inside instead! Up to $7000 in prize money! WPPRs! Trophies! Raffles! Normalish length days of pinball! A warmup tourney! Tom will be streaming the whole thing with Fox Cities Pinball! Food and drink specials! A main tourney with a Target Matchplay Qualifier/PAPA finals worth 200% TGP! Tickets go on sale next Friday (May 5th) at noon! No Godzilla skillshot ball saver still! Additional weird classics probably added for the weekend! No extra balls! Exclamation marks!


Tickets on sale in 1 hour and 31 minutes! Worth mentioning too that we’ll have a $100 bounty in each tourney along with a trophy for the highest finisher IFPA Rank 2000 or lower!

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Bump! 87 tickets out of 100 sold for the event, starts this Friday at 5pm!