Shades at the Pittsburgh clubhouse?

Just an off-chance post - I’m pretty sure I lost my prescription sunglasses at Pinburgh - last time I remember using them was at the Pingolf event at the Pittsburgh clubhouse.

If anyone came across them, they’re black Raybans in a black case - and good luck using them - I’m slightly challenged visually. With replacement costs what they are, I figured it’s worth a shot.

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Tomorrow our league starts up again. Will check there for you.

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Assuming this upload works, are these the magic specs?

if he says yes, you know he’s lying


Doh! I guess I could have looked through them to see if they were prescription. My mind was on my hot turkey sandwich and game of Jackbot. But those were the only sunglasses I saw at the clubhouse.

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Thanks anyways - they’re all black. My last hope was leaving them there.