SF City Champ - Tickets on Sale Sept. 22 at Noon Pacific

Tickets sold out very quickly last year. Put a reminder on your calendar if you want to attend.

Date: December 17-18
Location: Free Gold Watch, San Francisco

Ticket link: http://citychamp5.eventbrite.com (not active yet)
General information: http://sfpins.org/city-champ/

Ticket price is the same as last year ($40+coin drop). 76 player maximum. 12 rounds of group match play on Saturday, finals on the Sunday day. I’m sure we’ll do a consolation tournament again for those of us not playing in finals.


Echa will host the Sunday tournament again this year. Stay tuned for details.

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wanna take bets on how fast that will sell out? How long did it take last year @haugstrup? :slight_smile:

I think someone told me it took 10 days last year, but we didn’t advertise the date heavily ahead of time. This year we have 4 more spot (yay). I think it’ll largely depend on how much of the room is listening tomorrow night when @JimiWolf reminds SFPD members to buy their tickets.

And if you’re in the boonies that day without service … ?

Same thing you’d do in any other situation where you’re without service but need to buy a ticket at a specific time? Ask a friend, take your chance waiting, hire someone to buy your ticket? I’m sure you can work it out.

If we had to start the ticket sale at a time where every potential player is guaranteed to be online there would be no tournament.


so can one person buy 2 tickets, for a friend?

I think you need their eventbrite login details

Our “ticket master”, Brian, has added an option for you to buy max 2 tickets. You’ll put down both participants’ names when you sign up.

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Yeah, that was the issue, fixed if a friend can buy and knows how. Thanks.

You got it Bob. Hope to see you here in SF in December.

cool, let me know if you need someone to give you a hand @BMU

Are the tickets transferable? I think it would be good to note that because I could see a lot of people buying a ticket “for a friend” just to save a spot.

Still love the “Parking” section of the City Champ / FGW info page. Top notch writing skills, making something as boring as parking fun to read.


Thanks! The credit for that goes to Eric R, our eminent scribe!

When you sign up, you need to name the people who are going to participate. No transfers are allowed. We had a waiting list last year, and if the demand is higher than the supply, we will have one again this year. Ticket holders who drop out will be replaced by people from the waiting list.

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Yes, can you sign me up? I’ll be en route to Vancouver from the mountains up north; I’ve only had service when I’m in a town where I can find wifi. Thanks. :grinning:

You got it Bob!

Will this be a PAPA circuit event again this year?

Yes, SF City Champ is on the 2016-2017 PAPA circuit

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