Setting up LL:EE for competition

I just got my P3 (yeah) and plan to use it for league night on Friday. I want to try to get it to a point where it is not too long playing, but still fun since basically no one will have any experience with it.

I was hoping @BuffaloATX or @Snailman or someone else involved with BCO could comment on how you setup the machine.

Posts out?
Any software changes?

Hey Ian, Happy you got your P3 all set up and ready to go!

As far as physical settings, we opened the side posts all the way (you need to remove the wireforms to make the adjustments correctly) and removed the in lane post completely. I’ll shoot you some pictures later tonight when I get to the office.

For game play settings; we lowered initial ball save time down to 5 seconds ( I think 9 is standard) turned off all mode start ball savers, and turned off all respawns. Also don’t forget to turn on the tilt and play with it a bit before competition.
That’s all I remember off hand. I’ll go through and check anything I may have forgotten tonight.


Only additional change: our particular Lexy’s tilt bob swings for days. I highly recommend the ear plug mod.

FYI - In our next production run, we’ll be switching to shorter inlane guides, allowing for lower inlane divider post positions to help open the outlanes without losing the bounciness of the post rubber.

While they won’t be plug and play into old assemblies, they’ll be easily installable by drilling the one extra hole needed (we’ll make a template).



OK, here are some pictures of the inlane/outlane configurations we used for the BCO, and the stats from the machine event profile I set up to track stats for the event ONLY (universal machine stats are still present, but the game is only showing what occurred during the Open) it also only shows the high score tables from this event instead of the lifetime high scores, which is nice.

Right side, you can see the mount holes where the posts were, and the two nuts to adjust the upper outlane

Left side, same as the right

Left side outlane, you can see the nuts more clearly. You can also se how you need to remove the wire form, there are two phillips head screws you must loosen to slide the wire form to access the nuts.

General event information. Wow, 16 hours of BIP (first time I’ve had a chance to look at this stuff) But 1 minute average ball time is pretty good, and will help keep your time lines intact.

Almost 40,000 flips over three days!