Seattle Pinball League Finals 2018 Stream!

All day today (December 8th) we will be streaming the Seattle Pinball League finals over at my twitch channel:

Info about the format and players can be found at

This should be an exciting day of pinball, with a modified ladder style format to ultimately determine the Seattle Pinball League Champion! Hope to see you!

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In case you missed it, the entirety of SPL Finals has been uploaded to YouTube:

Part 2:


Rules are now on describing the awesomeness that is the SPL triple ladder format. I encourage tournament directors to take a read, and try this format out some time. It makes for the perfect viewing experience, and is really fun to play in due to the unique nature of the format (always try and blow up the game to get 1st place, in a match play setting!!)

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I am interested in trying this finals format in a selfie league. Given that the qualifying will be worthless, how does the finals calculate for TGP?

Hmmm I’m afraid we’ll have to use… math. Each round has a 4 player game, 3 player game and 2 player game = 2 + 1.5 + 1 = 4.5 per round, then times the number of full rounds, but you have to do some crazy thing to find the average games per player (not sure how that’s done, gonna leave that to @pinwizj (maybe you do 4.5 x 13 + 4.5 x 12 + 4.5 x 11 … divided by 16??) which would be 4.5 x (13+12+11+10…) = 4.5 x 91 = 409.5 / 16 = 25.6 plus the extra games at end should be over 100%

While the finals is a ladder format and might not hit 100% TGP. Since results are only submitted once for the whole season, each monthly event were qualifying games that do count towards TGP. A person making the finals would have played at least 7*5 = 35 four-player games, not even counting numerous playoff games each month (without which they would never qualify), and thus you’re looking at a TGP in excess of 80 games for SPL. So yeah, you’re well over 100%.

I was just calculating the finals portion since they asked about using it for a selfie league. I think based on my calculations a 16 player one should be over 100% (makes sense since it takes 12 hours!)

No, it won’t be over 100%, because of the high likelihood that one of the players coming in late is going to be able to win with only a small number of rounds played.

The IFPA TGP Guide has the ladder format for 4-player games. With 16 players, and 3 games per round, that would be EV=18. But that assumes all three games are 4-player. Instead, that represents an average of 9 games, or 3 rounds of 3 games. So since there’s 1 4-player, 1 3-player, and 1 2-player, the TGP should then consider 3 of each of those. So 3x2+3x1.5+3x1 = 13.5. Round up to 14, so TGP=56%.

@pinwizj could verify my math. :slight_smile:

I think Dave is spot on with the math. I was going to do a similar calculation using our existing ladder format TGP as the baseline.