SCS brackets/streams/updates



  1. Chris Basler
  2. Brian Bannon
  3. Josh Noble
  4. John Miller


Florida (Super State this year !!)

1st Nick Mueller
2nd Jeff Palmer
3rd Lee Moscaritolo
4th Shannon Stafford


TX results:
1st Colin MacAlpine
2nd Mark Meserve
3rd Robert Byers
4th Phil Grimaldi

Complete bracket at


Daniel Rone beat out defending champion Colin Urban to take the title in Oregon this year. John Fujita took third and Andy Cobb took fourth.


Alex Harmon is the new Michigan champion and Chris Tabaka finished second.


WA results:
1st Sagel Frazier (23rd seed, all the way to the end!)
2nd Dave Stewart
3rd Maka Honig
4th Lonnie Langford



NC results:
1st - Drew Cedolia
2nd - Andrew Skelton
3rd - Bill Mason
4th - Garth Kleber Dunklin Jr.



1st Will McKinney
2nd John Shopple
3rd Henry Hanshaw
4th Mark Lindbergh

Will McKinney regained the Arizona title after finishing 2nd last year. This is his 4th AZ title.



1st - Jason Wilson
2nd - Will Krusa
3rd - Scott Woods
4th - Brandon Brocius


Great job @coreyhulse. I updated all the available notifications. Thanks for doing this! I’ll be doing a SCS show today on Pinball Profile.


Here is a link to the WDEL media coverage for Delaware’s event. Fantastic reporting job by Kevin Hayes!


Pennsylvania Finals:

1 - Aleksander Kazmarczyk
2 - Jon Replogle
3 - Walt Lannis
4 - Cryss Stephens

The competition was fierce and I’m honored to be in the company of these giants. Great games all around and Alek wins the first PA SCS he’s played in!


Alberta Finals

A Finals:

  1. Dan “The Legend” Horne
  2. Mike Wieschorster
  3. Mike Tzankos
  4. Ryan James

B Final Winner
5. John Kottmann

C Final Winner
9. Derek Thomson

D Final Winner
12. Doug Teale

All pictures will be posted on our Facebook page.

Good luck to Dan who will get an all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas to represent the province.

Here is some media coverage of the event.

Starts at 36:19

They announced the winner wrong thou lol…



1st Scott Elliott
2nd Nate Luke
3rd Matt Owen
4th Kevin Adkins

This was Scott’s first IFPA tournament win! He also took home the Indiana Matchplay State Championship Belt as well!




Nova Scotia’s winner was me!
2nd - Brian Audain
3rd - Robert Chambers
4th - Doug Parsons

Can’t wait to see everyone in Las Vegas in March




Maryland results:

1st: Elliott Keith
2nd: Shawn Hillman
3rd: Alex Jeffrey
4th: Geoff Danek

Maryland continues its “tradition” of no repeat winners. Every year has crowned a new champion.


So happy to see him crush states after a good showing at Magfest!