SCS brackets/streams/updates


Pennsylvania appears to have 6 6 timers, plus one additional person who is playing in his 6th.


Would this be “Mr. West Virginia State Champ” himself?


Added New Jersey (


Added California


I made a spreadsheet for this year (copying @timballs from last year) where people can add in winners and runner-ups to have it in a central location.


`I was referring to Fred. This is his 5th PA along with one Illionis.

Although this is my 6th as well - PA year one before WV existed, and WV every year there has been one.


Same for me, but swap “ON” for “PA” and “VT” for “WV”.


Here is the IL game list. I will have streaming at my place. Will post later with the link

Iron Maiden LE
Metallica LE
Aerosmith LE
Transformers Autobot LE
Tron Pro MYLE
Dr. Who
Johnny Mnemonic


Awesome! What’s the twitch account?


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From 3 years ago:

These posts are from 3 years ago when the rule became consolation brackets are played out to determine all places 1st to 16th, but on the current rules page it says

Is this a mistake or was the rule changed back to the State Rep having the choice of whether consolation brackets are played out?

And if the State Rep chooses to have (or it’s required that) matches be played out to determine 5th through 16th (or 24th) is it required that these are all best-of-3 matches? It doesn’t specify in the rules what format should be used to determine 5th through 16th.

NACS Official Rules


Rule was changed back. TD discretion for if/how/when/why any consolation matches are to be played (outside of the 3rd/4th match).


Nova Scotia’s game list:
Future Spa
Dialed In!
The Hobbit
HSII: The Getaway
Aerosmith Pro
The Walking Dead Pro
Ghostbusters LE
Metallica Pro
Star Trek Premium
Deadpool Pro

Bracket link:


Florida set up. Many thanks to Donny White, Kurt Van Zyl and Ed Klamp.

Practice 10am
Start 11am

The Pinball Lounge
376 E. Broadway Street
Oviedo, FL 32765
Located inside Oviedo Bowling Center

Our ENTIRE LINEUP is reserved for tournament play! Spectators are welcome and we will have a couple pins in the bowling centers arcade area available for public play.

If you wish to get some extra practice, Flip out Friday is Friday night from 8pm-12am all you can play for $10!

We have been working hard to make sure that our machines are ready for the competition. Donny will be doing all of the skill-based adjustments as he is the tournament director.

The SCS lineup is:
The Addams Family
Creature from the Black Lagoon
Terminator 2
Bram Stokers Dracula
Family Guy
Medeival Madness
Haunted House
Total Nuclear Annihilation
The Simpsons Pinball Party
Tales of the Arabian Nights
World Cup Soccer
Indiana Jones WMS
Banzai Run
Flight 2000
Eight Ball Deluxe
Harlem Globetrotters
Dialed In!
Batman 66
Spiderman VE
Attack from Mars
Ghostbusters Premium
Game of Thrones
Star Wars Premium
Guardians of the Galaxy
Iron Maiden
Twilight Zone
Monster Bash LE
The Beatles
Alternate: Judge Dredd


NYC Pin Pod will have coverage of the New York SCS in the form of a live audio podcast. Intermittently throughout the day, segments will pop up at as they are broadcast live from the event. Notifications of when they go live will also appear at

Benjamin, the creator of NYC Pin Pod, is playing in the event, so I will be guest hosting many of the segments.


Thats awesome man. Thanks for the link!
We have a few upstate-ers playing so I will absolutely be following along


Thanks. And outside of the 3rd/4th match the consolation matches can be any type of format, not restricted to head-to-head matches or a bracket? For example, to determine 9th through 16th the TD could have the 8 first round losers play a 2 strikes match play tournament with 4-player groups?


Totally your call at that point.


Yep but it won’t affect the WPPR value of the tournament if that’s what you’re thinking. Just used as a tiebreaker of sorts.


Thanks. I’m not the TD. I’m not worried about WPPRs. I just like details and having things spelled out, rules, etc. And when newer players in my area getting into competitive pinball ask me about such things I can give accurate info.