SCS brackets/streams/updates


Arizona Results

1: Mark Pearson
2: Will McKinney
3: Jason Rall
4: Dave Bell
5: Mark Lindbergh
6: Henry Hanshaw
7: John Shopple
8: Ernie Long
9: Matt Christensen
10: Chui Aguilar
11: Jason Barre
12: Jim Smith
13: Tracy Lindbergh
14: Tom Tracy
15: Derek Jordan
16: Jeff Barthold

Great day, lots of fun!


Partial results from what I know:

Maryland (, but bracket never published or maintained so other results are unknown)

1st: Justin Bath
2nd: Elliot Keith

DC (

1st: David Barber
2nd: Chadwick Vale
3rd: Howard Dobson

Virginia (

1st: Kevin Kuntz
2nd: Ed Most
3rd: Malik Berger


Alabama has a new champ, 14 yr. old Addison Mount.
2nd place Scott Mount
3rd place Braden Gentry, also 14 yrs. old.
4th place Chris Warren

On the way to beating his dad for the championship, Addison put up a score of over 520m on Fish Tales. Other highlights: Josh Karg getting LITZ on TZ on ball 2 and finishing with well over 1B. Scott Mount and Alex Huffman battling on Demo Man, 2.4B to 2.1B. My personal best moment was going into ball three on Indy 500 with 65m and coming out on the other side with 499M.


Anyone know about Florida?



Derek Price


@Snailman, Mark M. and Robert B
Thats 3 in a row for snailman.



  1. @Sparky7 (Colin Urban)
  2. Dana Valatka
  3. @zvrabes (Zoe Vrabell)
  4. Mathew Peterson



@Theguyoverthere (Ray)
@hisokajp (Germain that got run over by Ray…)
@johnnyfive (Todd)


1st: Aaron Grabowski
2nd: Alex Harmon
3rd: Andy Rosa
4th: Mike Stewart




1st - Cryss Stephens
2nd - Jon Replogle
3rd - Greg DeFeo
4th - Matt Schwab


Delaware’s event was covered by WDEL, the local radio station. She had some of her notes crossed up with Pinburgh and stuff, but overall it was a positive experience!

WDEL News was onsite covering the event. Here is the coverage!


We’ll be keeping the master list of media hits here for this year:


Hey Josh, not sure how you are categorizing the media events, and if it even matters or not, but the Delaware coverage by the radio station also did a video for us interviewing several players and the owner of the venue.


With everyone having such a strong online prescense it’s getting very hard to categorize lol.

I’m pretty much breaking it up based on whether it’s a “newspaper”, “tv station” or “radio station”.


I don’t have results from

North Dakota
Utah (only 2nd)



Sean Stewart
Tom Neighbors
Sal Ayoob
Craig Sengstock



  1. Jeff Palmer
  2. Eric Leon
  3. Brian Dominy
  4. Nick Mueller


Florida results:

1st - Jeff Palmer
2nd - Eric Leon
3rd - Brian Dominy
4th - Nick Mueller


great to see all the locals in the top 4 in NV!