SCS brackets/streams/updates

Nationals is a Stern sponsored game, so typically they will work with the winner (unless that winner has won 5 or more machines from Stern in the previous 12 months, cough, Raymond, cough).

The Open prize machine was purchased by IFPA, so that game will be pre-determined (as will the prize machine for the Heads-Up Championship - that game is also IFPA purchased).


Safe travels to everyone heading to SCS finals this weekend! Stay safe!
I’d much rather hear about someone having to miss out on their finals because they chose to avoid treacherous road conditions than hear about someone injured (or worse) from a car accident.


I’m saying there should be some kind of written weather plan / rules for make of dates / min delay time.

If not it’s opens door the IFPA to maybe being sued in case something bad does happen.

State reps know IFPA’s stance regarding inclement weather and if participants have specific questions they should contact them.


Last year we had twice this much snow and zero no-shows. Bring it on!


Yeah last year sucked in Wisconsin but almost everyone made it. There was one no show that an alternate filled.

Happy to announce that GeekGamer.TV will be broadcasting the 2020 IFPA Washington State Pinball Championships LIVE from the 8-bit Arcade in Renton, WA!

Join Chase Nunes, Ashley Weaver, Stephen Donaldson and a variety of the some of the best pinball players in the region for play-by-play and commentary!

Coverage begins at 11:00am PT/2:00pm ET on the GeekGamerTV Twitch Channel, Saturday January 18th!


Custom certificates handed out to each qualifier printed on 32lb paper.


CA championships will be streaming on @ 2pm PDT.
Bracket at (Thanks @genex!)


Full brackets printed out and ready to go as Delaware plays out all 16 positions. And our custom trophy just arrived!


The calm before the NACStorm in Vermont.


Awesome bank!

Is there a stream for TX?

No, even though multiple people volunteered time, rigs, and money, the organizers decided to not even try. Unfortunately, for all the effort put in by the players throughout the course of the year to earn a spot at SCS, on the outside it will just be another Saturday at a bar.

Ready to rock

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NY bracket:
NY stream:

awesome that all these happen on the same day!

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Delaware’s new pinball state champion is Lou Nemphos!!


Congrats to Lou!