Scorekeeping at tourneys


I read your blog entry and I dunno if you were talking about me, but I didn’t have a registration photo because when I went to register the volunteer told me that I already had one on file only to find out later that it was of a blank area. I later tried to get a real photo of me on file but the program wouldn’t allow us to save it. Regardless of whether you were talking about me or not, I think you tend to look to deep into stuff that isn’t really happening.


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I read your blog too.

For the record I disengaged and backed out of the conversation about Whoa Nellie because you seemed very heated and slightly tweaked in your opinions, and you chopped up a quote of mine to make it appear sexist. I didn’t see the point in continuing the conversation and, respectfully, I don’t care to talk to you about anything in the future.

At INDISC you came up from behind while I was with some friends and grabbed my shoulder. Instead of knocking your teeth out (I hate it when strangers grab at me) I cooled off and stepped away and casually avoided you until I went home. I have never met you and frankly it’s a little silly to see you boo hooing like I did something bad to you. Do not touch strangers. I will continue to calmly avoid you altogether from now on.

Thanks to all the dedicated scorekeepers out there, and sorry to derail, I will not be posting here again!


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So if you didn’t want people commenting here about your blog then why did you post a link to it here?


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I would love to salvage this thread. Please stick to the topic. This forum has an excellent private message feature you can use to send a message to one (or two or three) individuals if you have something to say that won’t add any value to the current thread.


Bump for PAPA 20 so hopefully some upcoming scorekeepers see it. Thanks for volunteering!


PAPA has been great so far - shout outs to the D Division scorekeepers for having to juggle D, Split, Women’s, Seniors, and Juniors without the queue system. Apologies if I didn’t understand that there was no electronic queue system until now :disappointed_relieved: