Scoregasm Master (Day One Pinball 2015)

What do people know about this game? It looks like it’s ready to go:

It doesn’t look like an April Fool’s joke, even though it was revealed on 4/1/2015.

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When is it going to be in PAPA A bank?! 10k by Christmas!! Seriously though, I’ve been hoping that some new company would make some throwback games. This one is just a little to far back for my tastes though. I’d love to see a new company make an early 80s inspired game with alphanumeric displays and an awesome ruleset driven by newer technology. Something with some amazing original artwork and theme. Something that doesn’t cost 4-5k NIB. Jungle Lord remake!!

Has to be an April fools joke.

It was discussed fairly heavily on the latest Spooky podcast. Doubt it’s for me and even less chance it’ll ever appear in Australia, but hey… a company entering the “pingame” (as it was referred to in said podcast episode) market can’t be a bad thing. As long as people don’t lose out on it, that is.