School me on The Simpsons Pinball Party


Curious… what sort of score did this game earn you? I think I managed near 300M once when I owned one but never got that much stuff going in a single game.


335M on the game above. I was intentionally focused on trying to get to SDMEWM, so there were many times that I was not doing “normal” score maximizing things (like using Couch MB’s and I&S MB’s to light/Collect Otto, or shooting left orbits to collect Cletus kids).


Yeah I’ve used the start button trick probably 20 times or so on mine (I manage to end up with two balls in there quite often for some reason~) and it’s worked fine every time. As keefer mentioned though, you should pay close attention when you start AI because the instructions will explicitly mention the start button trick if the machine is running a ROM version that supports it. Only other thing to note is that it will also eject any other balls you have locked as well (couch/otto).


Does this mean that the code is smart about skipping the ‘Max Feature X’ chalkboard awards if the feature is already at max value? That would certainly make getting that elusive ‘Hold Bonus Value’ and ‘Hold Bonus Multiplier’ stack a bit easier…


I’m pretty sure the chalkboard only awards value holds. There’s just a lot of values that can be held over.


Ahhh, ok, I understand what you meant now


I finally did it!! Made it to SDMEWM yesterday!
Got the SJP on Mystery Spot for the first time (second attempt in the game), and had a great game leading up to it, so SDMEWM was lit immediately after draining out of Mystery Spot multiball.
Ended the game at 413M.

I’ll probably post the video of SDMEWM to the Bat City youtube account later. Thankfully, one of the restaurant employees was willing to take a break and shoot the video over my shoulder. :slight_smile:


Are you talking about backhanding the right ramp from a cradle on the right flipper? Sometimes I can backhand the ramp if it comes off the left flipper just right, or while doing a slap slave that goes from L to R flipper, but never from a cradle on my game. Not even close.

Kind of wondering if my flippers are set lower than normal…