Scared Stiff Left Ramp and other scoring exploits

This is a general question about how to get extremely high scores on Scared Stiff, but I am aware that there are some exploits so I’d like to know exactly when they happen.

I was playing Scared Stiff on Pinball Arcade last night to test out the left ramp scoring increase thing. I’d heard that the ramp, when hit repeatedly increases by 50k per shot without bound. I noticed when I played that on the 10th ramp (or better) I had hit at least a limit on the DMD which displayed Beast Ramp 9 (450,000) every time. Is this what normally happens? Is the score still increasing? (I wasn’t able to do the math in my head to see if it was or not since my base score was never shown while doing the combo, and had to concentrate on the flippers)

Also, does the same thing happen while hitting the right ramp over and over again? Right ramp has awards at various levels too (hold bonus, extra ball) but I saw the DMD (on pinball arcade once again) max out at spider ramp 99 and I think score seemed maxed at 450,000 but I could be wrong about that.

“Spider Hole is lit” award. Seems to increase by 50k every time it’s re-lit after a collect. Does this have an upper limit?

Deadheads definitely increase by 25,000 per deadhead and that will display on the DMD. Still takes a long time to build up that value before it’s worth trying to survive the kickout from the hole.

Double Trouble scared stiff doubled 5m shot. Is it possible to bring Double Trouble in to scared stiff round? Safest way being: Start double trouble -> Finish off boney beast ramp to light crate which is already at level 9 -> Shoot crate -> shoot crate. I noticed you cannot start any spider modes when crate is lit to start scared stiff, so you’re virtually locked out from doing this.

I hear ZAC got some 986m score on Scared Stiff one time. How was that acomplished?

I’ll leave the rest to the experts, but the most notable thing about the right ramp is that it never actually scores the displayed points, so looping it repeatedly is pretty pointless.


Deadheads baby . . . for 4-5 hours or so and you’re set! :slight_smile:


If I’m trying to join the billionaires club, is it worth it to use all of crate and coffin multiball to shoot deadheads and nothing else?

Deadheads score +25k for each one, with no known upper limit, and the value carries from ball to ball. This also gets you to Extra Ball.

That right ramp that counts off all those spider points… doh

I don’t believe these points are actually awarded, but the limit is the # of items - 1, because it resets after Spider MB. 700K? 750K? I seem to recall seeing 750K.

It’s possible but generally not worth it IME. It’s a very specialized case when this would even be possible, and super-rare for it to be possible in the scenario you describe. I was assured a long time ago that the 5M would be doubled, though.

At any rate, no way is going for this setup worth it. If you have the final shot lit, you are an idiot if you don’t take it.

I’ve had 2 300M+ games, one was at the expo where you could play it (ID4’s year, 96?). I had 2 Spider MBs, 6 Scared Stiffs (5 monster MBs). 24 hits to start crate MB is quite a lot, let me tell you. :fearful:

The other was playing to exploit Monster MB as much as possible (left ramping out, generally). Only had a couple of Monster MBs, but did quite well at the ramp.

Now that the game actually awards THOSE points (it didn’t award those either originally), it’s totally worth it. Worth it pretty quickly for Crate no matter what, payoff is obviously further out there for Coffin (40 Deadheads but that assumes no DHs anywhere else).

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So… use your multiballs to shoot deadheads and then while in multiball safely shoot deadheads. When you’re done with that continue to shoot deadheads. Got it :smiley:

Once your deadhead values dwarf the values of either crate of coffin jackpots the decision becomes easier :slight_smile:

You just have to chop down a forest first to get to that point.

Zach’s game did include going to bed and leaving the game on all night, then finishing up the next morning . . .


There was a SS on Capital Hill for years that Lonnie Langford put up over 800m on. I’ll ask him about that next time I see him. I can’t imagine it was a quick game.

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Big reason for that was your crate was overheating and causing issues so I let it “rest” over night to continue. Really quickly though to chime in on that game which ruined Scared Stiff’s enjoyment for me for life, but the big key takeaway from that game was the importance of Spider Multiball, NOT Monster Multiball. Don’t get me wrong, Monster Multiball was great when it was there, but you are sort of in jail when you start the Stiff-o-meter and more often than not, you will drain, lose your ball and then be back to square one in terms of getting back to the Stiff-o-meter.

On my 986m game (should have been billion plus if the crate didn’t crap out on me :grimacing:), I got into a crazy good rhythm of shooting the right ramp, the ball had enough momentum to pass over to the right flipper which I would then back-hand into the spider scoop hole. It was safe, but most importantly, when you got to Spider multiball, not only did it light extra ball, it would reset the spider wheel entirely which you could then go after the eye balls, light an extra ball and just keep extending your game life without the risk of the Stiff-o-meter. Everything else kind of worked itself out with Deadheads becoming absolutely crazy insane in value, and with the continual reset of the spider wheel, starting Double Troubles and using that time to only shoot those same Deadheads at twice the value…craziness.


Yeah I will never play SS with Ebs on again after doing the deadhead-eyeball strat. Pretty much all my games have Ebs shut off except TWD but I am likely gonna do that one next.

I know at Pinburgh 2015 in the quarterfinals (Not televised) I did the left ramp all day strat during crate MB and had the jackpot value up to @ 600k!


And Double Trouble starts at the beginning of Spider MB (along with most everything else on the wheel). Goodness on a number of levels.


Don’t the dead heads drain out into the scoop which shoots the ball out of control? On the SS I’ve played, that would never have been a viable strategy. Or I’m completely misremembering.

Yes. Risk/reward. And Dead heads are live during the main multiballs of the game. Though timing the roll over lights can be a tricky deal.

So just to break this down a little - you concentrated on spider, and when not doing spider (due to the lay of the ball I’d gather), you went dead heads? Or were you only doing dead heads whilst in a multiball?

As others have mentioned, I’m curious because the kickout from a dead head is super risky (at least on mine!).

As mentioned above, those dead heads kind of just come along during normal gameplay and during all the various multiballs. So I never truly focused on ‘just going dead heads’. But when the value got absurd later on in that game and I would start Double Trouble, I would most definitely take that risk of shooting for them in single ball play (~30 mil in 3 shots) even with the squirrely kick-out. Not to be forgotten, the extra ball shot feeds into the dead head lanes too. But once the value of dead heads supersedes any jackpot shot available on the game, get me into any multiball and then just shoot the lanes. Other than that, spider all day and then retire from playing that game ever again with EBs.


This reminds me of shooting the center ramp over and over during tiger saw multiball to build up that combo value on ToM. Does that shot have a cap?

No. And yes…

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new to the GROUP and to Elvira Scared Stiff, so my initial question is how do you gather the DEADHEADS as the left ramp either shoots up and back or goes to the LAB - is it purely thru the spider options or multi-ball?
H e l p

If I remember correctly, the left orbit (not ramp) alternates between diverting the ball to the Deadheads or sending it around to the lab (bumpers), if lock is not lit. There are inserts in the orbit that tell you where the ball will go if you shoot the orbit. If the orbit shot sends the ball to the Lab even when the Deadhead insert is lit, check to ensure that your orbit diverter is working correctly.

You can also shoot the lane to the right of the crate (Extra Ball shot) which should always send the ball to the Deadheads.