Safe Cracker in WPPR tournaments?

Is Safe Cracker an acceptable game for WPPR tournaments given the heavy focus on the boardgame? If so, what happens if a magic token is won? Is the wizard mode then played as a separate game and scores added together, or is the token worthless?

If you go through the trouble of making all the adjustments as nonrandom as possible, you might have something, as the game is capable of being largely skill-based. This would include instant number stop, sequential numbers, ability to quit out of board game at any time, and a few others IIRC. There will still be an amount of luck, but it wouldn’t be AS bad.

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Yes, this is how my SC is set up and I’d say it’s nearly as skill-based as any other modern game. Only the random awards in the bank game can throw things off, and with insta-stop and sequential dial, it’s your fault if you miss your intended board space and get a “?”. Fun game to play in a tournament, as balltimes can be short, but you get ‘unlimited’ balls til the clock expires, so lots of player rotation.

But, does this count towards TGP?

The TGP only considers games of 3 or more balls in the game count, with the exception of the Pin-Golf format where players can possibly hit their target score in fewer than 3 balls. 1 ball games or any timed games will not be included in the TGP calculation.

It doesn’t count towards TGP if it’s one of the games used.

Next year it will count as 1/3rd of a game played.

Same for beat the clock/travel time etc…?

Yep . . . unless it’s used in a PAPA style qualifying format because it can’t die!!! :slight_smile:

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Hmm, what about Zaccaria games with the timed last ball (Magic Castle for example). Good for TGP or no?

It’s fine

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I understand how you devised that rule, but to me, it’s still bogus to say that a 15 minute real-time game on BTC would count 1/3 while a 1-minute multi-house-ball game on some EM or SS counts full. If you’re only playing one ball on a game designed to be played as 3 or 5, fine. but not for a game designed to run on time with an expected average game time similar to that of a 3- or 5-ball machine. Fails the smell test.


Smells just fine to me :slight_smile:

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IIRC you also need the “N” rom for non % of the board game. When I had a SC I had it set up as Keefer suggested and it was fine. All about disabling the computer with Explosives mode running :wink:

what is wording around BTC only being 1/3 TGP?