Ruling: Tilt before any switches activated


If you take the anti-tilt-thru ball save aspect out of account, would you fault someone for tilting while going after an aggressive save on a house ball?


Only when the camera’s are on.


This is what I meant initially when I said drain the ball. They played as if they were losing a ball, and that’s the extent of what I know, as I wasn’t there. I don’t necessarily think that the tilt was intentional to continue their ball 1, but their ball did end for all intents in purposes. As you say, if the software wasn’t there, that would’ve just been a tilt on a house ball.


Add a rule: Any player who tilts their ball shall not be permitted to operate the flippers for the remainder of that ball.

Rule won’t have any effect on games that ends the ball on any tilt, but tilts on no-valid-playfield classic Sterns will earn you one trip down the playfield after the save.