Ruled The Universe!!!

My previous AFM high score was around 14B. Just Ruled the Universe for the first time (on the first ball, which was weird), and ended up with $38B! I just love the satisfaction of completing a wizard mode. WooHoo!

Do you find that you sometimes lose interest and sell a game once you complete the wizard mode?


I’ve ruled the universe about 10+ times and it never gets old.

Congrats! It’s a great feeling, with some nice dots and sound / call-outs.
Yes, completing the wizard mode can take a little of the attraction of the game away. But you can keep yourself coming back to it by:

  • Setting a new high score target (take advantage of the post-RTU scoring).
  • Make the table harder (posts, pitch, tilt, turn off EB’s, etc)
  • Try to RTU in X # of balls.

AFM’s Rule also gives a bonus after-wizard mode with the Victory Laps. All five major shots 100M, relights and adds 10M to value when you hit the center Attack target. This can grow to be worth more than the Rule itself, and acts like a “how far can you get” showdown that can never truly be won.

It’s awesome. Great rules.


Good job!

AFM is just a purely fun game, even after being out almost 20 years. Great rules, sounds, lights and callouts and the right level of campiness.

While there is always a quest to conquer the latest game out, there is still something very satisfying about hearing YOU RULE THE UNIVERSE!

Again, congrats on joining the club.

Ruling the Universe is a great feeling. There’s a great build up of conquering Mars, starting the mode (the scoop suddenly feels a lot smaller!), and then hitting the score target.

Like Bowen said, victory laps have a huge potential. If you’re feeling daring, try avoiding starting RTU when it is lit to have a multiball or two nearly ready when you come out of RTU, for maximum victory points.

Plus, the second RTU is a lot easier to reach in theory, and if you do it on the same ball, the victory points afterwards will be enormous, as the point value does not reset and continues to build.


Yeah not having to do the saucers again and potentially not having to get super jets again is huge.