Royal Flush issues

Any EM repair experts out there? My Royal Flush is exhibiting the following problems:

  1. The 500 point relay activates the white joker. I see this if I activate the relay by hand or by scoring any 500 point switch.
  2. Knocking down just the jacks does not active the Kings Or Jacks bonus, but knocking down just the kings activates both the Kings Or Jacks and Kings And Jacks bonus. The drops do score properly individually.

The first issue really seems like something is shorted to the joker relay but I can’t see anything obvious and I’ve done all the usual stuff (switch adjusting and cleaning and the like).


Seeing the schematic would really help. If you have it, post the relevant lines, the joker and the 500 relay for the first, for the second I’m not sure enough about the rules to know what I want to see - maybe the part with the drops going to the bonus relays?

I found a blog where someone uploaded the schematics that hasn’t been taken down by the Gottlieb police yet:

Sounds like all your problems are in that nightmare sequence relay bank. Make sure it is adjusted to sit in it’s bracket properly. It is secured by thumb screws and if not aligned will have odd things happen like the end relays not tripping

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Looking at your first problem, please verify that your white target switch is open. It’s a “make-make” switch, and I believe that one side is closed when it shouldn’t be.

See the yellow highlight which traces power through either of the 500 point target switches through the left side of the make/make through to 2B, the white joker. In the circle is the make/make switch. It should look just like the purple switch.

Any update @heyrocker? I need validation on my troubleshooting skills! :smile:

I haven’t had a chance to get back to it yet. Hopefully I will tonight!

@sk8ball fixed it so maybe he can elaborate :slight_smile: