Roller Rumble: Extra Life Charity Tournament Nov 3rd (Updated, moved to Sunday)

Pinball Gallery - 81 Lancaster Avenue, Malvern, PA
Tournament Date: SUNDAY, November 03, 2019, Noon -10pm EST.

The first ever Roller Rumble will occur November 2nd, where players will be asked to submit scores across a selection of 4 games from the games available. Players will be allowed to play more than one card but must complete the card they are working on before beginning another. The venue is none other than Pinball Gallery, located in Malvern, PA and will be open to the public if seats are still available for the tournament.

With more than 70 games at the location, there will be a nice selection of games included in the tournament, and other games available to be played during any downtime.

Price for pre-registration will be $30, which will cover the cost of full-day admittance to Pinball Gallery, entry into the tournament and your first qualifying card.

Registration form is here:

The top 16 players will then take part in a 1 game, 3 round playoff to determine the winner. Prizes will be rewarded to all players making the playoffs, with the winner earning the Roller Rumble Championship belt, a beautifully built replica belt designed by Undisputed Belts. Results will be submitted to IFPA.

All profits from the tournament will be donated to the Children’s Miracle Network via the Extra Life charity livestream marathon taking place that day. We hope to see you there!

Pre-registration is going to be capped off at 50 players so that the event can be scaled based on interest.

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We are excited to announce that RAGE TILT Pinball, the talented t-shirt folks and streaming team, will be designing the logo for the event and for the championship belt!

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we have about 1/ of the available registrations for the event now filled and we have new details.

Since we are renting space for the event, we have to be flexible for the space, so the hours are now as follows:

Begins: Sunday, Nov 3rd 11:30am EST - 4:30pm EST (4:30 will be when the last game of qualifying can be started. Finals will likely begin at 5pm EST.

We will be using Karl Deangelo’s software, NeverDrains, for this event.

The Belt has been designed and in the process of being made!

Quick update!

We have sold 25 of 50 seats available, so please pre-register via our form to confirm you or your fiends/family are planning to attend.

The Pre-registration fee of $30 is now being accepted via Paypal so please send to: (friends and family) and note it is for the Roller Rumble. You can pay this in person as well.

We are paying for each player’s entry to Pinball Gallery for the day, as well as a party space rental due to the need to have Gallery open early that Sunday. These costs will eat into the total $ raised for the charity, but these are the things I’m learning while running the event for the first time.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the event soon!