Robocop Sweet Jump Award Sequence?

Does anyone know the sequence of awards given on the right ramp on Robocop? It seems to me like you can get many of the awards that are given in the mystery award hole on the right saucer shot.

I’m guessing the the sequence is something like this:
Every Jump base value: 100k (can be doubled)
2 Jumps in a row: Double Scoring starts
2 or 3 Jumps in a row: Special temporarily lit on right ramp. Can be worth 1m if set to point award (can be doubled with 2x scoring)
3 or 4 Jumps in a row: Extra Ball lit (on captive ball)
X Jumps in a row: ED-209
X Jumps in a row: Everything Lit (Lights ED-209 as well as ???)

Jumpmaster bonus: 500k for setting jump record.

There’s footage in Pinburgh 2014 where Damien hits 4 Sweet Jumps in a row and his score jumps up 2.2m on the last shot. He has double scoring running and collects the special + the base jump value of 100k. Both of these values are doubled. Of course, this could be incorrect since the game display lags so much.

A friend of mine believes the only “correct” strategy is to ignore the ramp unless it’s lit for locks and shoot the spinner. But this friend of mine has never rolled the game. I did once on this beautiful PAPA 19 ticket with what I believe was 13 sweet jumps. My memory is fuzzy but I remember crushing the ramp over and over again, and I don’t remember eeking out ~200k per spinner shot over and over again.

Anyone who understands this game better than I do want to shed some light on the ramp scoring/award sequence?


Glass off this is what I’m seeing:

2 consecutive ramp shots lights 2x scoring. This appears to restart every 2 consecutive jumps. As long as you keep making jumps 2x never ends.

At 5 jumps, doesn’t have to be consecutive, it lights “everything lit” on a timer which includes a special on the ramp and an EB at the right saucer.

The jumpmaster bonus comes when you beat the previous jumpmaster jump total and looked like a 1 time 500k

Looping the ramp during 2x scoring was awarding 230k a jump. 200k ramp plus 30k inlane.

Edit: I’ve definitely rolled Robocop before strictly looping the ramp.


Thanks. Are ED-209 and Special different awards?

Ed-209 is lit through the standup targets. I believe the white cross hair inserts coincide with this. If you flail and survive you will light it. The mystery saucer will also award “Instant Ed-209” and then kick it into the pops spending the entirety of the timer pop bumpering away and time out :sob:

Edit: Ed-209 is worth 1million always, you can probably double it with 2x scoring but would have to check to confirm.

When you complete a bank/light a lock, the game will crawl through the targets in that bank with the white crosshair light. Hit a white crosshair target to lock it in. Get 4 white crosshairs to start ED-209 Million…not sure if you can double the million though.

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