Rob Zombie—How to display final score?

I played a game of Rob Zombie yesterday. After the game finished, I wanted to take a photo for Pindigo, but I couldn’t get the display to show me my final score again. (It was a single player game.)

I waited a long time for the score to show up, but no joy. I got all sorts of various high scores, credits for various pinball part suppliers, etc. But no score. Pressing the buttons also didn’t help (in any combination I could think of).

What’s the secret sauce for getting the game to display the score once a game has ended?


If it’s set for competition mode it will shows scores after the game, but otherwise it does not - at least in whatever recent version was on the machine we used in a competition a few months back.

That sucks hope they fix that

Thanks for that, that explains it. @FawzmaGames: Any chance of changing this?

It should be possible to display the score by, say, pressing both flipper buttons. Please, if you do this, make the score stay up for a decent amount of time, such as five seconds. I really hate machines that take the score away so quickly that there isn’t enough time to press the buttons, hold up the camera, let it focus, and take a shot.

What I hate even more are games that won’t show the score on a button press, and won’t show it for ages, except for maybe one second. Offenders that come to mind: Judge Dredd, ID4, Fish Tales. Really annoying in a tournament situation…

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I don’t have a machine in front of me, but even when out of tournament mode, the scores show up by either hitting the left or right flipper. They should also show up during attract.

What version are you running?

I’m sorry, I can’t tell you, this was at a friend’s place. I definitely hit the right and the left flipper, as well as both. All I got was the list of high scores, but not my own score, no matter what I did.

That may have been at my place. I just checked, and if you press the right button, you get last score. If you press left or both, you get list of high scores. If you do the latter, it will continually scroll through high scores no matter which you press until the “title screen” is reached again. For modern Sterns, it’s both for last scores, so will be confusing to new players. I’m on Code 9, AV 3 FYI.

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Ah, thanks for that! I guess I must have pressed both or left and then got stuck in the loop; it didn’t occur to me to try right first.

@FawzmaGames: It might be nice to include the current scores in the display loop, so they are always visible at some point, no matter what button I press first.

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