Reporting Ties in Results

I know this has happened in the past; do you now have something forbidding it?

Yep. A few years ago we caught wind of a tournament that was intentionally ending the event at the ‘final 2’ so both players could cash in 1st place WPPR value. We now have a check in the results submission process where you can’t actually submit those results unless a Champion is crowned. Having either multiple winners, or no winners, will bring up an error message in that submission.


Thanks for the info. I had read somewhere (i believe the Atlanta Head2Head league page years ago?) that ties were bad for points distribution, if you wanted to maximize the points. I suppose if you dont want to be “dragged down” by two other people into a tie for 5th, you should just finish 3rd or higher anyway :smiley:

Always putting out fires :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:


Popping an additional question on this related thread rather than beginning a new one.

It’s on the same topic of reporting ties in results but is different from using qualifying to break the ties.

The league is weekly and every 4 weeks we submit results to IFPA. We have prizes for the top 3 so we have a one game tiebreaker if needed to determine the top 3 - no other ties are broken. I have always submitted the broken ties as broken to IFPA since a tiebreaker game is conducted. It’s been suggested to me that I could have the tie breaker determine prizes and submit the tie to IFPA based on the regular 4 weeks of play. Is this just “director’s choice” or is one way or the other considered best practice?

Director’s choice.


Keep it simple directors. Unless the tie breaker has to do with money, first place, or advancing, leave it as is. I only mention first place because my league had a tie for first in overall points and we decided a tie breaker was appropriate…mostly because I feared we’d break the IFPA system if we reported two first place finishers, bwahahaha!

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It’s literally impossible to report a result with two first place finishers in our system :slight_smile:

Haha, I figured. We made a good decision to determine 1st for league. Now for a quick update to the league rules. Scenario of a tie in overall league points wasn’t anticipated.

I recently submitted results for a Pingolf tournament. Finals was groups of four, with Pingolf scoring, where the top two advanced. My first thought was to break ties based on total strokes on the round each player was eliminated, but realized this was potentially unfair. Some groups played easier holes than other groups. Instead, I submitted based on what position you finished in the group…which felt like a better way to do it.

Just something I wanted to throw out there for TDs to consider for Pingolf events.