ReplayFX Staff

On behalf of ReplayFX staff, I wanted to thank all Pinburgh players and attendees for showing up and supporting both pinball and our event. We are doing what we can to help the game grow, but in the end, you are the most important part of everything that is happening, and we appreciate your support!



Thanks a million to you, @mhs, along with @PAPA_Doug, @chesh, @bkerins, and all the people who make this insanely fun show and tournament possible. I know for me, it’s four of the best days of the entire year.


Huge thanks right back at all the staff of PAPA and the volunteers that make ReplayFX/Pinburgh run. I love the event, and I’m so grateful for all the people that make it happen.


Thanks Mark and the entire staff for the huge undertaking on what is my families favorite show. The variety and quality of games is unmatched from any other show I have attended. I can only imagine the amount of work involved to make everything come together. Again, thank you all so much, it is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for running the greatest tournament in the world!!!

Yes, thanks to everyone and their hard work. Didn’t get a chance to talk to as much of the staff as I normally do, but still thoroughly enjoy and support the event.

Another huge thanks here… especially to the techs! From my POV, everything ran very smoothly.

I’m also glad you pulled back on the music a bit… I think you had just the right amount this year. The arcade ambiance generated by all the machines is an important part of the experience for me.


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Very impressed with the way this was run. So smooth. I was blown away by the techs too. I remember playing big game after the tournament and the top saucer had a misadjusted switch. Put an out of order sign on it with no details. Like 10 mins later it was up and running again. Crazy.

Thanks so much to everyone involved with this humongous undertaking. If I went to one show every year it would be this one.

Favorite weekend of the entire year. I already miss being there and wish it was happening again tomorrow.

One of the things I heard most often in casual conversation is how overwhelming it seems to organize a tournament like this and how brilliantly you all make it come together. Like every year, I am always impressed by the staff’s thoughtfulness, the way you address the feedback from the last year, and how this thing just gets better and better every time.

Thank you ReplayFX crew!! :yellow_heart:

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Thanks again to you and the staff for making it all happen.

Seemed like a lot more people in the arcade on Saturday! Hope the numbers back it up for you!

Another home run for the PAPA crew. The can’t miss tourney of the year seemingly gets better every year. Keep it up!

Thanks for the great ReplayFX show as well as Pinburgh. Since I suck I did many more non-Pinburgh things at Replay this year. Bit Brigade ROCKED¡


Thanks to all the staff, TDs, techs, etc. Great job! Things felt like they went smoother this year, a tribute to all the hard work you put in. There seemed to be fewer ruling “issues” than in the past, too, so your efforts to get the word out have borne fruit. Stuck balls and other normal rulings were handled quicker than last year. I don’t know if there were fewer machine breakdowns than in the past, but it seemed that way to me. Either way, kudos to everyone for just getting that many games to hold up that well that long. Bravo!