ReplayFX / Pinburgh 2020 cancelled

Details here:


I was expecting this but still couldn’t help being bummed reading the email… then I got to the part about the return of PAPA world championships and it completely changed my mood around. Thank you, best wishes, and hope everyone at ReplayFX is well.


Same here! Excited for it, even if it still ends up being pump-dumpster again :slight_smile:

“PAPA 21” will be in 2021, so the PAPA numbers will always align with the calendar years they’re in if it’s held every year from here on out. Cool


I think everyone held out hope that we’d all still be together in Pittsburgh this year, but a very understandable and smart decision. Very excited to hear about the return of PAPA though!

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Don’t jinx us here Andre :crazy_face:

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thanks Doug and team, hard decision but the right one and we’re looking forward to next year already!