Question: Settings for Legacy of the Beast tournament


Good lord. How do you score that much? @BuffaloATX needs to get ahold of that machine and set it up :slight_smile:


I’d be honored to help turn that machine into a murder box…:joy:


Impressive game for sure. Wish she would have kept rolling on that video as I was wanting to see how you blew it up at the end.


Glad to see it was actually done during league play this time.


The other one was during league play, the tournament director made a bad call. I wound up getting screwed over. I went back and forth with IFPA and ultimately the ruling was not in my favor. Don’t speak about stuff you have no idea about, makes you look dumb.


I’m confused on what happened as I saw you removed the video. Granted the game was set up pretty easy but either way it still is an impressive score.


It’s so nice to see the pinball community further spread itself thinner and thinner. Poeple should be encouraging players to post more instead of not sharing thoughts and play tips. Keep up the good work you are accomplishing your mission.


I don’t see anyone here being derogatory towards him. If the score was posted in violation to the rules (my only assumption at this point) then it being removed would be justified as it is a competition after all. But if it wasn’t in violation then I’m not sure why the removal and turn in the thread. The guy put up over 4 billion points on a game where 1 billion is an amazing game so I for one would have loved to have know how it was accomplished.

Shoot, I’m just jealous that the only example of the game I can play for this event is not set up nearly as friendly.


If I can put up 400 million on it you should be able to double that at least.:wink:


True story. Out of all the events I’ve gone to that would qualify for this I’ve only gotten placed on Maiden twice :frowning: That’s the problem with you having so many awesome games at that location. You should sell me that congo and judge dread to thin the heard to help overcome that problem :smile:


I think it’s matchplay, I believe it knows what game you really want to play and keeps you off it all day…
As for thinning the herd, that’s not in the cards just yet, I’m pretty sure I can get 26 pins in here before I need to start worrying about that.

I think @YeOldPinPlayer is planning a Beast event sometime in November, so keep your ears open for details.