Question: Gottlieb last ball double bonus, EB

Amazon Hunt, as you’ll probably recognize if you visit its home on IPDB, is essentially a solid state version of Fast Draw. It essentially plays like a slightly easier, 3-ball version of Fast Draw, but allows the player to get 2X bonus for getting A+B+C on one ball. It awards 2X bonus automatically on ball 3, and awards 3x bonus on ball 3 for getting A+B+C.

My Amazon Hunt has a Pascal MPU/combo board in it. The daughterboard has custom code Pascal wrote recently to work with this machine, because it’s a semi-rare version that was built with 80A boards/ROMs and 80B playfield wiring. Because of this hybrid situation, the lamp and switch matrix did not have the same address values as the non-hybrid version, and the Amazon Hunt software that came with Pascal’s board didn’t work. Pascal has been very helpful getting it working and sending multiple versions of the daughterboard to varying degrees of success.

I just played a game on my Amazon Hunt in which I got an extra ball on ball 3 by getting A+B+C then going through the blinking B lane at the top. On the extra ball for ball 3, I would have expected it to start with 2X bonus lit. It didn’t, though, and I confirmed that I only got 1X bonus when the ball drained.

So, my question is for anyone with experience on Gottlieb machines (bonus points if it’s experience with one of these SS re-themes) that automatically give 2X bonus on the last ball. If you get an EB on the last ball, should you expect to start with 2X bonus on this extra ball?

I’m still working with Pascal, and want to be able to definitively tell him the software is off in this case, assuming that it is.


I can confirm that Jungle Queen EBs earned on ball 5 will start with double bonus lit.

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