Proper spacing between games and on deck player

MAGfest Stern Pro Circuit event: we had more space this year and put it to good use. The chairs are about 10-11 feet behind the machines, with only an on deck player chair for each game. Lounge area with chairs behind the on deck chairs but not close.

DTM queue display behind on deck chairs facing the lounge chairs.

TD desk directly behind queues display facing the tourney bank, can spot problems or potential score rolling.

DTM standings display behind TD desk facing out of the tourney area. Players viewing standings are out of the tourney area and relieves congestion.

Best setup to date for MAGfest. Recommend 10 foot minimum between games and on deck. Scorekeepers have LOTS of room and no navigating on deck players in the way.


That’s luxurious. If only everyone had such luxury available!


Very nice.

YEGpin in Edmonton always have the tournament banks setup in a very similar fashion and it’s fantastic. They also have the cantina section immediately behind too so folks can watch the tournament play and eat or have a cold beer. :sunglasses: