Pre-TPF tourney

Start time? And is the venue open for practice prior to that?

Usual start time is 7 for their tournaments, venue opens at 3 on thursday (although they may be opening early for spring break as usally TPF is around the same time)

sounds cool though i am landing at 610 in DFW so maybe tight ;0)

Can we pre-register?

They usually dont do pre-registrations but Ill reach out to Chris Delp right now to confirm.

Chris finally got back to me and confirmed that there will be no pre-registrations for the event at FreePlay.

It’s walk up registration on site day of the event…


Official posted time is 7pm on the calendars. Tourney is free with entry, no prizes other than bragging rights, WPPRs, and the chance to pose with a giant pinball

Venue info:

Large barcade with entry/unlimited play $11 (includes all arcade and pinball)
18+ after 9pm SUN-THU
21+ after 9pm FRI-SAT
Underage must be accompanied by parent before 9

Current game list as of 3/2/20:

Metallica Pro
Guardians of the Galaxy Pro
Dialed In
World Cup Soccer
Rollergames (not likely to be used in tourney)
Star Wars (Stern) Pro
Aerosmith Pro
Medieval Madness Remake
Walking Dead Pro
Monster Bash Remake
Munsters Premium
Attack from Mars Remake
Family Guy (not likely to be used in tourney)
Bride of Pinbot
Pirates of the Caribbean (JJP)
America’s Most Haunted (not likely to be used in tourney)
Lethal Weapon 3
The Getaway
Black Knight: Sword of Rage Premium
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Deadpool Pro

3 strikes tourney with top 2 surviving in both 4 player and 3 player groups

This is assuming they make no change to the format. (I’m just a player not a TD or organizer)