Pre-Pinburgh 2019 Tournaments

For folks coming to Pinburgh / ReplayFX, there are several options for Pre-Pinburgh tournaments. Hopefully, this post can serve as a clearinghouse for what’s going on.

Kickback Pinball Café (Lawrenceville, PA - 3 miles east of DLCC with good public transit options)
Kickback has hand-made sandwiches, snacks, coffee drinks and offers BYO. Kickback games range from moderns to EMs and all are on coin drop. On Wednesday, Kickback is hosting their annual 3-strikes tournament at 7pm. Due to size limitations, as well as an overwhelming amount of interest over the past few years, there will be a player limit with sign ups to be announced soon. Event details

Helicon Brewing (Oakdale, PA - 16 miles west of DLCC by car)
Helicon has a great selection of the latest modern games (Stern, JJP, Spooky, etc) as well as beloved classics all on coin drop. The food truck will be there until 9pm, beer served until midnight, and brewery will close at 1am. For the first time this year, Helicon will be hosting a strikes tournament that will begin Wednesday at 7pm. Event details & IFPA event

Pittsburgh Pinball Dojo (Bellevue, PA - 6 miles NW of DLCC, with modest public transit options)
The Dojo is the new PPL clubhouse with games from EMs to moderns. Entry to the Dojo is $10 with all games on free play. Dojo has snacks, drinks and BYO. The Dojo is hosting the annual pre-Pinburgh Pingolf tournament. The tournament is a PinMasters Satellite event this year, so all objectives are be score-based. Qualifying is open Tuesday 4-11pm, and Wednesday doors open at 9am with a hard cutoff at 5pm, followed immediately by finals - top 16 A division, top 8 w/IFPA > 1000 B division. Finals ended by 9:30pm last year. Event details

Advance pickup of ReplayFX / Pinburgh tickets will be at Harris Grill, 245 Fourth Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15222.


I can’t quite tell from the post’s wording…is the Helicon tournament on Wednesday as well? So, two different tourney options for the Wednesday night crowd?

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Yep. Two fine options for those who need a competitive pinball fix on wednesday night.

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So I guess it’s just a Free Play day at Helicon on the 29th (Monday)? I thought there was an actual tournament on that day. I’m confused. I’ve been out of the loop…

That’s my understanding Scott. Monday 29th is their normal deal where a $20 ticket (in advance) gets you 2 beers and a whole night of their games on free play. Wednesday they are doing a IFPA strikes tournament.

Three tournaments, right? But Kickback has a player cap.

Three options - though I hear Kickback sold out already.

There are two open options for Pre-Pinburgh tournaments: Helicon Brewing and Pittsburgh Pinball Dojo. Kickback will be closed for the tournament Wednesday evening and is sold out (in 30 seconds).

Monday is the standard Helicon free play night - $20 for all night free play and 2 drink tickets. No tournaments - just good old fashioned pinball and beer fun!

Is there a tee-time sign up for Dojo Pingolf, or is it just “show up and try to play”?

Dojo Pingolf is “show up and play”. Hopefully the additional qualifying Tue 4-11pm will reduce crowding Wednesday somewhat.

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