Postponed or Cancelled Events

Dutch Masters and PU Battle are cancelled here in Europe.

Can the first post be turned into a wiki, so that we can list events (ordered by region/date). Seems there could be a long list building up soon

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National emergency being declared at 3pm.

Post has been wikified. Feel free to add canceled events to the first post.


Pinfest added to the list.

I’m wondering how many events on the circuit have to cancel before the SPC is just nixed for the year. Obviously there are bigger issues and that’s a while off, but it will be interesting to see.

Just saying that we need plan for better of the sport to not have HARD date lines but to have some flex for events that have lots of sessions

I’m fine with the SPC season being 2 events and done :slight_smile:

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but that is very bad for transparency

I mean, it is pretty transparent, he even posted a picture :smiley: :wink:


Joe is wearing those crazy shades Cayle had at Pinmasters. Add MGC to the list of cancelled events.

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Pinbrew fest has been postponed. Metroplex Expo Center Girard,Ohio

“ Due to the onset and increasing health concerns involving Covid -19 ( Coronavirus), along with the mandates recently placed on the state of Ohio by our Governor ,our PinBrew event has been rescheduled. The new dates are scheduled for Thursday August 20 to Saturday August 22, 2020.”

The PinFest Show (Allentown) has been rescheduled for June 12 & 13. Looks like someone else got it up on the Wiki already (thanks!). We will move the Stern Pro Circuit Event to those dates.

New York City added to list above.

Zapcon added to the list. :sob:

Add everything in the next 2 weeks


Please continue to update this wiki for large events beyond the current suspension horizon.


Now, that’s on our event date:(.

Two weeks prior to pintastic circuit event too. Might be too close for people to travel East for back to back circuit events.

Unfortunately we are riding the coattails of Pinfest and that’s the date they picked. Honestly, I don’t believe this thing is going away anytime soon and the June events will also be cancelled.