Portland Pinbrawl 2015 (April 19th)

What a great tournament! Are the rounds usually that quick? The pace was grueling early on which surprised me with the # of people, space and # of games. I guess my first round lasted a while so my experience could have been different. I think I had a lot of catching up to do in the bracket. I love a tournament where there is an added outside element of difficulty though. Frantic pace, long days, ladder matches, etc, just make a tournament that much more memorable in my opinion. I think I got my first break after round five or six. I was running up and downstairs between rounds, refilling my water bottle and inhaling “Rudy Dogs” and cigs as fast as I could. Everything was ran very smoothly and it certainly was a tournament I won’t forget anytime soon. Can’t wait to come back to PDX for more pinball! Thanks to @heyrocker @CFFLegs and everyone else that helped run it!


This was my first Pinbrawl and I loved it. Some of the most intense pinball playing I’ve ever put myself through. I was nervous and anxious the whole time, but focused on my nerves and it payed off. I really wanted in on the prize money but 17th out of 128 feels pretty damn good. Thanks to Isaac, Greg, Zoe and Nathan for running an incredibly smooth tourney!