POP charity tournaments in September

Have you ever run a pinball tournament? Have you ever wanted to run a pinball tournament? Well this is the perfect time to do so because in September is the official IFPA​ fundraising month for Pinball Outreach Project​! Run a charity tournament, get some ranking points, and help kids in need feel the love of pinball.

Last year’s fundraising month gave us enough money to buy two games and open our headquarters here in Portland, which has been absolutely amazing! We’ve hosted events for the Children’s Cancer Association’s Chemo Kids program, presented at Girls Make Games, held pinball summer camp, and introduced hundreds of kids to pinball in a safe and family-friendly environment.

Events must be submitted to IFPA 30 days in advance and August is already half over! If you have any questions about running a tournament, or how to submit your event, please get in touch! Tell your friends! I love what POP is doing and we have so much more in store.

Thank you all!